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Writers can learn methods to enhance their writing with online screenwriting courses from the Writers Store. From screenwriting tips & from best-selling authors to practical secrets about feature films from master producers and directors, there is something for everyone. Choose from hundreds of , including , and advance to the next level within the entertainment industry!

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When you sign up for our grant writing Free E-Course you will receive valuable information immediately similar to what you have discovered here and if you think this insight is good, just wait until you access our award-winning basic, standard, and deluxe grant writing courses that have helped others to raise millions of dollars for their causes. Best of all, you don’t have to wait, and your grant writing online course begins and ends when you say so. This is all done in the comfort of your home or office.

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Theuniversity has consciously been trying to increase its onlineofferings. In the fall of 2012, UNM students took 30,728 credit hoursof online courses, exceeding the number from the previous year bynearly 50 percent (). Online course offerings andregistrations for such courses have “quintupled in the past decade,and UNM expects they will keep growing” (). Fromcurrent growth trends, administrators predict that at the end of the2015-2016 school year, the number will increase to 134,784 hours(Galivan). In the spring of 2012, the English department aloneoffered 28 sections of various online courses, including first-yearwriting, technical communication, and literature. In this context,eComp was created in an effort to give more programmatic structure toCore Writing’s online offerings within the English Department. Aswe build up the eComp program, we thought it prudent to start eCompwith a small pilot, assess the classes, and expand from there. In thenear future, all first-year writing online courses will be taughtthrough our eComp program.

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Another opportunity that it provides, is the ability to teach others the things you know. I don’t hesitate to share my knowledge, so I’ve written various online courses as well as helpful articles.

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Through my classes (I took numerous creative writing online courses) and through a wonderful, nurturing critique group, I gradually learned my craft. I also learned about writers’ groups and writers’ conferences and began joining the groups and attending the conferences. I discovered the Romance Writers of New Zealand and joined Romance Writers of America soon after, deciding romance novels were my true calling. And through RWNZ, I began to learn about publishing houses–who publishes what and the kinds of things they were looking for. I learned the names of editors and got market tips on where to submit my work.

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