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Hebrew content services, for internet or print, online marketing to the Hebrew speaking audience in Israel: writing and editing of marketing content, marketing and advertising on Facebook, copywriting and content writing for websites at a very high standard. Our services include product and target audience research, formulation of product name, company name or slogan, marketable content writing for brochures or flyers, content for websites or landing pages, conception of company profile or business profile, press releases and image campaigns, management of Hebrew Facebook pages, Facebook advertising in Israel, grammatical editing, proofreading and rewriting of website content and adapting content to search engines.

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This Digital writing course is aimed at anyone who needs to write for their website, corporate blog or other social media. This web writing course is equally useful for those new to writing web copy and those who have been producing online content for some time but want to think strategically about what they are doing and are looking for some fresh ideas. Please note, this is a writing course and focuses on content. You will not be taught design or build.

The Centre works with people from all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector and private sector.

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This Digital writing: writing for websites, enewsletters, blogs and other social media course takes place at the Centre's central London with easy access to rail, tube and bus links.

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The fact is that you know your business the best, and while it may be helpful to hire outside help, that can get expensive. Below is a helpful guide to know how to write content for your website.Thank you very much for taking the time to write and release the document “Writing for Websites” to the public. I really a appreciate it. It has helped me quite a bit with my new web site already, and it will help me with my future websites as well. I am thinking about doing web design and content creation professionally, right now it only supports my hobbies. Thank you again, sir!A very common mistake made in content writing for websites is to make it too informal. While you don’t want to sound like a college textbook, you also want to sound professional. If you are a small business you want your website to appear "top of the line" to compete with the larger companies. A website is a way to enhance your image. Take advantage of that and make your web content as professional as you can without being stuffy.This article will guide you through the 5 most important steps that will make writing content for your website fun, attract new visitors, plus keep them and Google coming back for more.
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Besides writing for websites that hire writers to report local news, you can still find thriving local, county and state newspapers that outsource work to writers to write short columns of interest. Social media content sites, such as the ones I mentioned above, are less stringent on what they post, whereas, editors of local newspapers will critique your work, leave out what is not important, and revise the rest if it does not meet the newspaper's house style or its editorial standards.

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As someone who is just beginning to look into writing for a website, I had to look up what SEO meant… would have been nice to have the acronym spelled out in the text (unless it is and I missed it).

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If you're new to the world of writing, you'll have to work your way up. While feature article writing for websites and blogs can pay well, the competition to land a spot with a reputable company is fierce. Well-established magazines like Cosmopolitan and Prevention have an online presence and many accept freelance submissions, but wowing an editor will require not only a killer query letter, but also proof that you can actually deliver. For most editors, this means clips (previously published articles).