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Computer applications designed primarily for writing documents. These include editors and formatters; some, like HTML editors, are designed for creating a particular class of document.

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We now move on to the mirror-image of writing-while-reading: reading-while-writing. While the need for writing-while-reading is obvious, the mirror-image need is less so. Currently the user might see it as "I did not realise I had a need for this". Clearly in the paper world when one is writing a document one sometimes pauses to read a second document, and possibly copy a piece of this second document as a quotation, or include it as a reference. Copying is mirrored and indeed bettered in the electronic world: cut-and-paste is much easier than copying material by hand, especially when the material is not textual. Nevertheless the promise of reading-while-writing goes well beyond this facility. The promise is embodied in the work of at MIT, and in particular their Remembrance Agents. When a user is writing a document, the Remembrance Agent proactively pops up suggestions of other documents that might be relevant to what is being written. Thus it might pop up a link to a recent e-mail from a person who has just been mentioned in the document being written, or it might pop up a link to a paper that appears to cover the same topic as the current paragraph. Each suggestion is effectively an annotation that is anchored to a certain fragment of the currently-written document. If the user is interested, she expands the full annotation. The Remembrance Agent concentrates on what has most recently been written, e.g. the current paragraph.

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The dichotomy started when the first document-manipulation applications were produced, and now seems to be engrained in our thinking. It is time for a radical change: reading documents and writing documents should be regarded as two integrated activities, not as separate ones to be covered by different types of software.

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Part I – Preparing To Write
Topic 1 – To write or not to write
Topic 2 – Knowing your document types
Topic 3 – Identifying the purpose and reader
Topic 4 – Understanding the context
Topic 5 – Gathering information
Topic 6 – Basic operations in Word
Part II – Writing Your Document
Topic 7 – Your document’s structure
Topic 8 – Writing with clarity
Topic 9 – Non-discriminatory language
Topic 10 – Creating easy-to-read document
Topic 11 – Revising your document
Part III – Types of Letters
Topic 12 – Good news and bad news
Topic 13 – Letters of complaint
Topic 14 – Responses to complaints
Topic 15 – Sales letters
Topic 16 – Explanations
Part IV – Other Workplace Documents
Topic 17 – Instructions
Topic 18 – Leaflets
Topic 19 – Newsletters I
Topic 20 – Newsletters II
Appendix I – Suggested solutions
Appendix II – Saving to PDF
Appendix III – Using Help
Appendix IV – Keyboard shortcut

You should follow the same principles for writing such documents, no matter in which form they will finally appear.

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Computer users have become accustomed to the writing of documents being regarded as a separate activity from the reading of documents. We believe that this division is unnecessary and limits the effectiveness of virtually every computer user. It is time for a rethink of underlying concepts. A key concept for integrating reading with writing is a general mechanism for annotation. This general mechanism can be combined with hyperlinking to create a single unifying super-concept that provides a base for integrating reading and writing. The paper explains the underlying ideas, and describes the results of a small experiment that supported the viability of the super-concept. We believe that the super-concept might possibly provide the foundations for a revolution in thinking about documents, which would benefit everyone.

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Technical writing style is often used and presented in documents and articles that deliver factual information or procedures about how to accomplish specific tasks. In most cases, technical writing documents contain words and vocabulary that the intended audience is most likely to comprehend, and are laid out in a format that is relatively easy to scan and read in comparison to other types of documents.