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When writing a thesis paper there are three main sections that you will need to include, just as with most other academic papers. The sections are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Whilst basic academic papers will simply include these three sections, a thesis is more likely to include several further subsections, each of which can be linked in some way to one of those three main sections.

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When it comes to writing a thesis paper, most people will often identify a specific aspect of a subject to write about. However, you may choose to use a relatively broad topic, such as the history and philosophy of science. If this is the case, then you will have a wide range of different topics to discuss. In fact, you will almost certainly have to plan your work thoroughly in order to identify what topics you wish to include, as you probably won’t have enough time or space to cover everything.

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If you’re at the graduate level in your academic career then you’ve written several thesis papers, research papers, etc. by now so we won’t go into the step by step specifics of writing a thesis paper. If you need a crash course:

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Writing a university thesis paper follows the same main points as writing a thesis paper or roughly any other essay at different academic levels. The only difference for university level papers is that more require and time will go into formulating one and completing it. The steps and tips involved are relatively easy.

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When you are writing a thesis paper or dissertation, you are going to find that it is imperative to have a clear and concise problem statement. This is exactly what it sounds like; a statement about what the problem is, and how the research or “problem solving” team will address it. If you are struggling with creating a clear problem statement then you are going to want to follow a core set of tips that will help you to create the best course of action. Some of the most effective guidelines include:

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