We will send job alerts to for Freelance Writers Wanted jobs.

The "Writers Wanted" section brings you publications, companies, and individuals who are seeking freelance writers, editors, and bloggers. This section also includes updates from the street team, and emails from freelancers. At the end of the Writers Wanted section, we do a "Freelance Job Slam," which features breaking markets and as many new calls as we can stuff into that section right before the ebook goes live!

We will send job alerts to for Freelance Writers Wanted jobs.

Below are just some of our Song Writer Wanted ads.

Location: Co-Writer wanted. Funny that.

Independent Journal is one of the largest social publishers in the world. We are obsessed with the intersection of news, politics and the internet. We're looking for creative and passionate writers who want to inform and entertain people with quality content ...

What’s this Writer Help Wanted & Educational Traning Program about?

[…] some of you know last week we put up a post titled Writers Wanted! You heard our request and filled up our inbox but we are still looking to fill a few more spots. […]

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WriterHelpWanted wants you to be part of their growing team. Whether you are a mom or student, looking for a part time or full time job, being a writer is one of the best ways to earn legit money.

Writers wanted | Magnetic Junction

Writers Wanted - Live Trading News | Live Trading News

Though I was already getting a decent amount to get by through the years, it was not enough for me. I wasn’t able to save money, it was just enough to buy some groceries and then some. I was given a link to WriterHelpWanted by one of my friends who is also a writer but a more successful one.

Writers Wanted! Technology news, reviews and more! Apply now! |

themselves be a successful writer with writer help wanted program

She told me this was the secret to her success, I signed-up up and in a couple of minutes was able to land a great job with the best pay I’ve ever had in two years. The people in WriterHelpWanted are always there to help and guide you when you have questions.