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Well you have set your sights on a particular college. It offers the ideal course and curriculum for what you want to study. Perhaps it is part of a family tradition and other members of your family went to that college. But whatever the reason or reasons you have your favourite college in mind, as you know it is a competitive world and never more so with the best colleges. There are far more students who apply to get into certain colleges than there are places available. The key to your success is the essay you write for college admission. Yes, there might be a face-to-face interview to follow but this does not apply in every instance. And even if it does, you won't get that interview unless your essay is top notch. How do you write an essay for college admission and take the first place?

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To summarize, all you need to do to write an adult book is to write from your own perspective (implying that you are an adult yourself, of course), instead of trying to take on the perspective of your non-adult characters. Or, if you are older than 25 and want to write for college age kids, to not write from your older perspective but from theirs.

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Upper level students will be using the text, Write for College, which applies the Write Traits to prepare students for the rigors of writing at the college level.

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If you know your writing needs more devoted attention to prepare you to write for college, you should register for English 106, multiple sections of which are offered every semester. If no seats are available in the existing sections, contact SAS and the Writing Program Director--we will try to make room for you even if we have to start a new section.

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The key to your success is the essay you write for college admission

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