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The Tutor Program, a part of the University’s , provides small group tutoring for UMaine students who need academic assistance in 100 and 200 level, non-web based courses. A staff of peer tutors is hired to work with small groups of students who meet two times a week throughout the semester. Tutoring sessions are held Monday through Friday during the day or evening and are conducted in a classroom setting. Tutor groups consist of students who are in the same course and have the same instructor. By working together, students learn how to process course material as well as sharpen their reasoning and questioning skills. Sessions are process-oriented, learner-centered, and require the active involvement of each student.

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Barbara Bush Library staff are saddened to report the passing of Al Johnson, our beloved volunteer tutor. Al began teaching ESL at the library in 2001. Since then he had logged more than 2,400 hours and taught nearly 150 ESL students. Al also conducted weekly Spanish classes at Barbara Bush and German classes at the Doss Center.

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¿Conoces a alguien que quiere aprender ingles? ¿Estarias interesado en ser un tutor de ingles? Estamos trabajando para empezar un programa para aprender ingles aqui en la biblioteca. ¡Dejanos saber si estas interesado en ser parte de este programa!

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Origin of tutorMiddle English ; from Middle French tuteur ; from Classical Latin tutor ; from tutus for tuitus, past participle of tueri, to look after, guardOrigin of tutor Middle English tutour, from Old French, from Latin t&umacron;tor, from t&umacron;tus, variant past participle of tu&emacron;r&imacron;, to guard. An interactive way to learn. TutorVista's online tutoring offers personalized tutoring using an interactive
whiteboard for students in all grade levels to enhance their learning skills and improve their academic
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I have been your tutor, and your rearing has been my charge.

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Schools there were none, nor was it possible to get a tutor.

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Each tutor's profile can be seen linked to the left. As a general rule tutors for K-7th grade tutor everything; while for 8th grade and beyond they are specialized by subject.