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Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar Although there are elements of fiction included, and even true events are somewhat altered and rearranged, The Bell Jar is essentially an autobiography of Sylvia Plath, who is recognized for her "impeccable and ruthless poetry, which excels at describing the most extreme reaches of Plath's consciousness and passions" (from back cover of Rough Magic by Paul Alexander). ... In The Bell Jar the main character Esther Greenwood is the parallel to Plath, and all other characters in the story in fact did have their real-life parallels as well, although some of the eve...

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The Bell Jar Essay submitted by Jen People's lives are shaped through their success and failure in their personal relationships with each other. The author Sylvia Plath demonstrates ...

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The bell jar is an inverted glass jar, generally usedto display an object of scientific curiosity, contain a certainkind of gas, or maintain a vacuum. For Esther, the bell jar symbolizesmadness. When gripped by insanity, she feels as if she is insidean airless jar that distorts her perspective on the world and preventsher from connecting with the people around her. At the end of thenovel, the bell jar has lifted, but she can sense that it stillhovers over her, waiting to drop at any moment.

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