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Term paper mills are pretty simple- people need term papers written and professional writers are hired to write the papers for people who are willing to pay for them. There are dozens of sites online that can churn out a term paper on just about any topic and sometimes as quickly as a 24-hour turn-around. These mills exist for several reasons, but the underlying reason would be that people just don't have the time or desire to devote to writing terms papers themselves anymore so they'd rather pay someone else to do it.

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It's a sad but true fact- many students simply don't know how to write a term paper. They have never written one, or the ones they wrote in the past were awful and needed plenty of revisions. In college, however, you don't always get the opportunity to do such revisions and if you don't turn in a fantastic paper on the first go you could get poor grades. That's one very strong reason why term paper mills exist.

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It's really that simple- many students don't want to do the work. This is the age of instant gratification and doing the writing and researching work just isn't good enough for many people. They get easily bored and they just give up. They find more value in paying someone to do the work for them rather than doing it themselves, and this is possibly the main reason term paper mills do exist in such large quantities.

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"Cheating 101" was initially designed to be a website supporting librarians and faculty who were dealing with newly emerged www environment and the ease with which students could acquire papers. The most controversial part of the website turned out to be the list of "term paper mills", a list developed to help teachers. Some visitors saw it as an aid to students. Initially this list had only 35 sites. In the ensuing years, the numbers of term paper sites have substantially increased and I no longer actively look for new term paper sites, as it easy to find them in a search engine.The Internet is studded with "term paper mills" and "research companies" that will happily buy school papers from high school and college students, then resell them to their peers. (There are also plenty of essay auction sites for those of an entrepreneurial bent.) The official story is that these essays are "model papers" that the buyers will use as samples in writing their own original essays. If a few of the buyers happen to model their own essays on the sample essays word-for-word, well, that's not the term paper mill's fault.Term paper mills (web sites and businesses set up to sell papers to students) often claim they are merely offering "information" or "research" to students and that this service is acceptable and allowed throughout the university. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. If you buy and submit "research," drafts, summaries, abstracts, or final versions of a paper, you are committing plagiarism and are subject to stringent disciplinary action. Since plagiarism is a matter of fact and not intention, it is crucial that you acknowledge every source accurately and completely. If you quote anything from a source, use quotation marks and take down the page number of the quotation to use in your footnote.Please do not permanently ruin your site's reputation in academia by enabling term paper mills to corrupt our youth. When you give backlinks to these crooks, you are actually increasing their rank in the search engines, which enables them to reach (and corrupt) more students. My research shows that your links are one of these charlatans' main sources of advertising. They submit hundreds of keyword-based links involving "custom essay," "term paper," "dissertation," "essays," and "research paper."
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Teaching is hard enough already, so I (and all other educators around the world who are paying close attention to this issue) would truly appreciate it if CloudyTags would do mankind a humanitarian service by deleting the hundreds of SPAM links to illegal term paper mills. Please show the academic community that CloudyTags cares about the world's youth and practices corporate responsibility.

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Term paper mills are against the law. I have included a list of URLs that explain the law in 11 states, followed by a list of term paper sites that are spamming your system. In order to maintain the integrity of both your database and the worldwide educational system, I humbly request that you blacklist the illegal term paper domains listed below, delete their links, and ban the accounts responsible for posting the links ASAP.

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The founding of what critics call "Term Paper Mills" online make this type of cheating even easier (State of New York v. Saksniit, 1972; Trustees of Boston University v. ASM Communications, 1998). These are companies with large databases of term papers, sometimes authored by students and other times by employees of the mills themselves. Students can access these sites, search using key words, and find papers that suit their needs and submit them for credit.