College student takes an online class in his dorm room.

Most Computer Studies courses are offered online or face-to-face in the classroom. Online courses are offered in every area of the Computer Studies Department. So, whether you are planning to transfer to a four-year institution, are pursuing a career certificate, or are taking classes for personal interest, SRJC offers Computer Studies online courses that will meet your needs.

While each online course is presented differently, all have common features. Students can sign on any hour of the day or night and attend class whenever it fits their schedule. Online classes often require more time than face-to-face classes where students should expect to spend an average of 9 hours a week on their class studies in a 3-unit, full-semester class, although some classes may require significantly more time.

Each week the instructor typically sends e-mail with introductory information about the week's topic, posts a short lecture or elaborates on the material, and provides study guides for the current topic. Throughout the week, students work on their own on reading and assignments, just like they would in a traditional classroom setting. Students may use a class message board or e-mail list to participate in the class discussions and can also ask or answer other students’ questions. When assignments are due, students post them to the Web or send them to the instructor online. The instructor will then grade them and post points and feedback.

Students taking online courses should also be aware of the special instructional environment. For example, online courses require students to be independent learners who are self motivated. Students are encouraged to review the following two Web pages before taking an online class.

E-mail the for additional information.

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College student takes an online class in his dorm room.

What's It Like To Take An Online Class? - College Crunch

So, all this may sound overwhelming and confusing to you, but don’t be scared away from taking an online class because of some of the jargon. Help is available, and all these skills are useful far beyond just taking an online class or two. They will help you be successful in today’s technological world.

Tips to Successfully Take an Online Class

So you want to take a course outside of what your high school has to offer? More often than not, you will find that there is a plethora of courses available online. My high school is relatively new, so there is not a wide variety of courses available, but they did offer me the opportunity to take courses on the Internet. At first I was intrigued by the idea of taking a course online and being part of a virtual classroom, but I soon found out that an online class brings its own set of stress factors. Of all the classes I have taken in my high school career, online classes were the most challenging for me because I had no idea what they entailed. The material was not too difficult, but I did not know how to approach an online class. Taking an online class is simple once you get the hang of it and I am here to give you some tips I would’ve liked to know when I started taking online classes.

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“After taking an online class, you already know how to learn online,” said Olson

Thinking of Taking an Online Class

It’s hard to know how you are going to get where you want to be academically if you don’t have a true sense of where you are. If you sense more than just shaky math skills standing between you and your college degree, you might want to invest in taking an online class like . A class like this will help you develop a game plan and the study skills necessary to bring your best academic self into your first college math course.

I'm Taking an Online Class: What Next

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Is taking an online class a good fit for you? Learning through an online class requires different skills than learning in a face-to-face class. It's important to know what you're getting into and to understand the kind of commitment that's necessary for success in online learning. You can get a good idea of your readiness for online learning by filling out the following assessment.

Is taking an online class easier than taking a traditional face-to-face class

Is taking an online class a good fit for you

Staying focused is important when doing any kind of work, but even more so when taking an online class. To stay on top of things, know what you need to get done and when to submit it. Making a schedule is essential. Begin by purchasing a day planner (for those who need something tangible) or using a digital calendar such as Outlook (for those who are on the go and need alarms or reminders).