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The most common form of CAPTCHA is a distorted word or set of letters contained in a graphical image. The letters are distorted to make it hard to use optical character recognition programs to distinguish them, while leaving them sufficiently undistorted that humans can still read them. However, there are other types of CAPTCHA, such as mathematical CAPTCHAs that query users on the solution to math problems instead.

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Mathletes travel to other schools in the area to compete in the solution to math problems. Problems are solved on an individuals and team basis. Students taking Algebra 2 or a higher level math course may participate. Student participants don’t have to be the best at math but it helps to be curious and enjoy solving math problems.


Do you find it hard to attempt lengthy math sums? Do you think you will be better off if someone else had to do your math assignments? Do you hate math as a subject and cannot make any sense out of the complicated sums? Is it hard for you to learn complex formulae before you attempt every exercise in math? Is there a better solution to math problems then solving it on your own? Do you want to save your time spent on math and use it in activities that are more productive?

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Some calculators provide systematic solution to math problems others just give the answer

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HYDERABAD: At a time when we google everything from recipes, weather, time in the north pole, solution to math problems, ways to raise a child, how to kiss and myriad other questions about the organ between our legs – there are several others that we don’t ask simply because they are embarrassing even to admit it to ourselves.

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Here is an example of how Professor Alfredo Ferreira recorded himself as he works out the solution to math problems step-by-step. The videos were recorded with a camera and then uploaded to where students can watch the video and make annotations on specific points in the video (questions, clarifications, comments, etc.). No post production was required. To read more about how CLAS was used in Alfredo’s class, click .

Mathletes travel to other schools in the area to compete in the solution to math problems

Percentages are also used to solve these types of problems