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Below please find service agreements for our products. Please note some of our products have different agreements from the master service agreement listed first on this page.

provides these customer service agreement templates:

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If you sign multiple Service Contracts for a single configuration - for example, to add a server or additional services, then the Master Services Agreement, Service Level Agreement, and Acceptable Use Policy referenced in the last signed Service Contract will govern the entire configuration.

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Except for amendment to the AUP as described in Section 10 above, the Master Services Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy and Service Level Agreement may be amended only by a formal written agreement signed by both parties. A Service Contract may be amended by a formal written agreement signed by both parties, or by an exchange of correspondence, including via electronic mail or the EngineHosting ticketing system, that includes the express consent of an authorized individual for each of us.

Our step-by-step interview process makes creating a printable Service Agreement easy.
When two parties or groups agree to provide and receive services on some enlisted terms and conditions, they sign into a legalized service agreement. The terms and conditions are formally defined for both the parties. These documents are a part and parcel of the professional business world.You can Download the Service Agreement Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Service Agreement Template is either in MS Word and Editable PDF.Hence, a service agreement template outlines the certain indispensable points that are to be mentioned for carrying out a contract effectively. The template must be pre written with all important details which must be common to any service agreement template.If you are looking for preparing service agreement, you can take best assistance from service agreement template that is available on our website. You can free download this template and then can edit it according to your requirements. We provide you ready to use format and you don’t need to change its layout and format. Just change its contents information. Service agreement template has been created to meet your needs for this important business document and we are proud of doing this in the best way.
Our step-by-step interview process makes creating a printable Service Agreement easy.

Template for Service Level Agreement Free Template for Service Level

(e) Payment Upon Cancellation. You acknowledge that you have provided your credit or debit card account information to us. You understand that you will incur fees and charges as a result of your receipt and use of Service and/or Receiving Equipment, and may incur early cancellation fees and/or equipment non-return fees (as specified in any lease, programming or other service commitment agreement you entered into). By giving us your credit or debit card account information at any time, you authorize us to apply this method of payment, in accordance with applicable law, to satisfy any and all amounts due upon cancellation. You also acknowledge and agree that you are required to maintain current credit or debit card information with us and agree to notify us whenever there is a change in such information, such as a change in the card number or the expiration date and additionally, that DIRECTV may obtain such updated information through payment card networks, card issuers or other third party sources.

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By checking the “Accept” or similar language box below, you agree that the effective date of the applicable Publisher Service Agreement(s) is the date on which you check such below box.

Service Level Agreement Template

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NOTE: This document represents an exact copy of the SERVICE AGREEMENT as it appears when you download the SpiderOak application. It is posted here as a reference and/or for your review prior to accepting the terms of the SERVICE AGREEMENT.