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However, it is important to note that any research paper especially the senior research paper has to be designed with a lot of keenness. The whole research paper has to have all the relevant parts of a research paper such as the introduction, thesis, body and conclusion. The first three parts are usually called the project proposal and it contains the introduction of the topic, literature review and methodology. The introduction has eight different parts; background information, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives of the study, the research questions, significance of the study, limitation and delimitations of the study and the operational definition of terms. These entire parts have to be numbered systematically and the follow each other in that order.

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As you write your research paper you need to be unambiguous in your approach and be accurate. The senior research paper should be composed on short sentences. You should go straight to the point. Do not use language that is too wordy for example if there is something that you can cover in a few words; make sure you do exactly that. You may find the idea of using wordy language as very attractive but in real it will only cause problems for your reader and they may give up on your science research paper after reading a few pages.

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Such papers need to take into account the quality and number of references that you use. This sort of paper has a lot on stake and being caught for plagiarism is not a choice. Greater attention should be paid to qualitative sources in the paper. Acknowledging the sources will be very important as you are dealing with already published work and your reader may in some point of time refer back to the resources and most importantly because this is a senior research paper.

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In a senior research paper, the student has to be keen on the type of vocabulary and the way he develops the sentences. When writing a research paper that you are sure so many people are going to read, it is important to try as much not to use too difficult not to use ambiguous words to allow many people to be attracted to what you have done. Try as much as possible to use simple English terms that can be read by children and adults.

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Writing your senior research paper is supposed to be such a fun-filled idea, taking into consideration the fact that you are finally in a position to write some of the best papers of your life. Your senior research paper needs to show some level of maturity because it is an indication of the fact that you have already advanced and are in a stage where everything is going according to plan. The paper needs to be specific, you need to show your tutor that you are not only able to present a good paper, but you are also able to tactfully challenge the audience, present a case before them and support it with evidence that will make them give you a standing ovation. This is what it means to write a senior research paper, because you are that good.