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"You only want to keep the important papers for the current school year." MS Simplicity explains. "So you should not be having papers from 1st grade if your child is in 8th grade in your kitchen, because your kitchen is a 'hot zone' you need to have the very important things, which is the current school year papers."

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This post is Part 2 of a series on organizing and storing your kids’ school papers.

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Pupils are advised to do the most current test papers after revision. If there is enough time, do about 5 Top School Exam Papers per subject. When doing tests on printed test papers, it is better to separate the answer key from the main paper. If the student encounters difficult questions, it is advisable to skip the question and come back later.

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Photocopy shops do carry test papers that are titled Primary school test paper. The quality of hardcopy papers are about the same as the Online Papers butthe hardcopy price which is around the photocopy rate is higher. You have to check that there are no missing pages, no missing answer keys before you buy. Vet through the answer key before you use it to mark your child’s test paper.

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All school papers are special ordered. Additional schools will be considered if there is enough interest.

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The Penn School Papers contain about 3,000 photographs, the earliest of which date from the 1860s and the latest from 1962. Like other materials in this collection, the photographs are fewest during the years 1862-1890 and 1948-1962. Most of them date from 1905 to 1944, the tenure of Rossa B. Cooley and Grace B. House as teachers and principals at Penn School. They are found chiefly in 21 photograph albums, nine of which seem to have been assembled by the principals for display. Several others were more hastily assembled by the principals, while the rest came from visitors and close friends of Penn School.

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The Problem: How to Organize School Papers

We have now covered the three important categories for organizing school papers: artwork, everyday school papers, and portfolio papers. If you missed my post last month, go back and read about and then take time this summer to start or catch up your school paper organizing system.