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Susie Latham
Doctor of Philosophy
School/Department/Area: Centre for Human Rights Education
Proposed Completion Date: March 2014
Supervisors: Dr Caroline Fleay and Prof Linda Briskman
Thesis Title: Muslim women and oppression: challenging western superior attitudes
Key Words: Muslim women, Iran, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Description of research: This research examines the portrayal of Muslim women's lives by former Muslim, best-selling author and fierce critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali - a figure who appeals to western audiences across the social and political spectrum. The thesis argues her portrayal is inaccurate and pitched to appeal to racism, often under the guise of feminism. To counter her portrayal, I have interviewed women across the generations from a very conservative Muslim community - a small Arab village in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country against which Hirsi Ali has repeatedly urged a Western militarily attack.

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Description of research: This PhD research describes a research through design approach to identifying comfort factors within the kinaesthetic experiences of human sensory activities and perceptions. Research through design has an explorative character and includes a participatory focus. The research explores the experience of women through the way they touch, move, and feel in the process of interacting with wool clothing. The research involved 'in-situation specificity' (e.g., secure vs. insecure situations, blindfolded vs. non-blindfolded, and happy vs. fearful condition) to understand the phenomenological representation of nature and human senses and behaviours. The conceptual garments were developed by the process of designing, building and testing highly experiential prototypes and different interaction ideas. The resultant garment designs reflected people's new ideas, skills, and bodily interactions and what they created subjectively by their sensing, adapting and reacting capabilities. This opened up a new approach to design: 'emotion-driven action possibilities' and proposes a new functionality for clothing design. The research therefore provides new design solutions for comfort from (1) a body of creative work, (2) a framework of 'enriched aesthetic interaction' approach, and (3) the development of design principles in the context of aesthetic comfort for clothing.

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Description of research: A critical analysis of housing in Vietnam could draw the conclusion that, in big cities residents are both upgrading and destroying their dwellings at the same time! They are violating housing law and housing policies as well as respecting them. Why are Vietnamese city dwellers creating these contradictory phenomena? This research aims to examine the urban housing environment in Vietnam through the lens of cultural analysis, to provide some insight into these dichotomies in the hope of uncovering the fundamental flaws in the housing system that has seen the development of urban dwellings that are well below the basic needs of the Vietnamese community. Using a cultural perspective, evaluating literature and conducting case studies in Hanoi and also in Perth, the research will outline the housing development history of Vietnam and research the cultural gap that exists between housing demand and housing provision. This will include policy analysis to explain how people have reacted to state housing policy in a distinctively Vietnamese fashion; by ignoring and challenging it. The result will shed a light on the crucial role of culture in housing development, and the manner in which policy has ignored the fundamental relationship between housing and its occupants.

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Description of research: The core question of this research is to investigate the potentials of interactive and immersive installations to experientially carry complex political narratives. A specific case of a complex political narrative that will be addressed is that of the Palestinian narratives of Apartheid. In order to carry out this investigation, a prototype of an immersive environment will be created, reviewed and evaluated. The creation of the prototype will be informed by an existing and growing body of research into the political and social history of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, with particular attention to communicating alternative narratives that challenge the dominant narrative in mainstream media. The main focus of the prototype will be on how Apartheid affects the spatial impacts on the natural and urban/built environment, and thus the everyday experiences of Palestinians and Israelis. This research is interdisciplinary and will significantly add to the existing knowledge of the application of digital media in both the design activism and the experience design fields via the innovative employment of interactive and immersive media. The prototype also has potential as a model for application in other contested political narratives; most especially where misrepresented or under-resourced people whose claims and voices have been overwhelmed by better resourced narratives.

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