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Inspired by Dan Meyer’s “Teaching for Perplexity” we have set out on a journey to bring real world math problems to our students. Please visit our Real World Math wiki to see our growing collection of math problems you can download and use with your students. The results so far have been inspiring me to continue to …

I have added THREE more real world math problems to our wiki page, .

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Throughout the entire process I was constantly reflecting upon and revising the project. I was regularly seeking feedback from my students about the layout and delivery of the questions as well as the apps and tech tools used to engage in the problem solving. I will continue to improve my question design as I am now always on the lookout for opportunities to capture real world math problems. I believe I will also continue to tweak and improve how students engage and interact with the problems. Part way through the project I tried NearPod and Explain Everything – both improved student engagement and student learning. I am currently toying with the idea of creating an online bulletin board to post the variety of strategies students are using to solve problems so that we can revisit different strategies as a warm-up to our problem solving activities. The technology is currently helping to make students’ thinking visible while we are doing the task but I would like for the thinking to remain visible so it can be revisited. I haven’t yet decide what tech tool might be best to help me keep students’ thinking visible. Maybe I will create a board in Pinterest or use Padlet or something else (any suggestions). As you can see I am still reflecting…

A collection of sources for free real world math word problems.

We created a Wikispaces site titled ‘’ as our platform for sharing our work and growing a community of educators and students interested in exploring, and contributing, perplexing real world math problems. Again, we chose Wikispaces as it is simple and accessible.

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Numbers and Operations
Numbers and operations addresses understanding the relationship between quantities and whole numbers, learning and applying addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to real world math problems. It also includes comparing numbers to increasingly larger place values including both whole numbers and fractions and decimals. Part of learning in 2014 is NOT to just CONSUME information, but to also contribute and create information. Langwitches, Putting Activities Through the SAMR Exercise The week of March 31st, my students didn’t only ‘consume’ real world math problems but they created their own to share. As we were just back from spring break we launched … I’ve found that math can get rather boring if all you do is learn a problem style and then do a page of problems with that style, so lately I’ve been on the hunt for some free real world math problems that would stimulate curiosity in the kids.Since launching real world math problems on March 3rd I have seen growth in the students mathematical practices (). They are approaching problems with more confidence and persevering as they talk through the problem and try a variety of strategies to arrive at a logical solution. Students are beginning to make connections between the math skills they’ve practiced in their math workbook and real world problems. Concepts are no long just algorithms they have memorized but they are beginning to attach meaning and value to these concepts as they use them to solve problems. Furthermore students are slowly making progress with their ability to connect math and words so that they can explain their work and make sense of it all. I am pleased with the evidence of learning thus far and we will continue to use real world math problems to develop our mathematical practices.
The Landscape of Learning: My Three Acts of a Real World Math Problem

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I plan to continue to create and use these real world math problems in my math workshop as I am really pleased with the student learning that is taking place when students are engaged with these problems. I would also like to try using on the iPads so the students can interact with the presentation and record their work directly on the iPads for it to be documented and shared with the class.

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I’ve been thinking about this recently – good contrived non-real world math problems are “MAPS.” And like geographical maps, what they lose in detail, they gain in breadth.

Kyle Pearce’s Real World Trigonometry Math Problem

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As we are in the midst of exploring fractions in my grade 5 class I have been on the lookout for situations that lend themselves to becoming real world math problems related to fractions.