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We believe that all self-published authors should have access to the same professional editing, design and marketing resources as their traditionally published peers. We've sourced the best in the business for you to work with, so your self-published eBook won't look self-published. Regardless of your genre or level of writing experience, a professionally edited and formatted eBook speaks volumes to readers and reviewers.

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Wide distribution was once only possible through the big publishing houses. Coker said, “If a writer couldn’t sell their book to a publisher, it was impossible for them to reach a lot of readers. Today, self published authors are in the cool kids club. The move to digital made it possible—desirable even—for every major ebookstore to carry every self-published ebook. This democratized distribution revolutionized the publishing industry.”

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Creating an eBook is actually a lot easier than you might think. In fact, I wish I had this information when I started blogging because I would have started publishing eBooks immediately.

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Smashwords is the world's largest, and the original, ebook distributor for indie authors. Smashwords was created by an author (Mark Coker) to make it fast, free and easy for any writer, anywhere in the world, to publish an ebook (). We empower you to reach more readers with our professional publishing and distribution tools.Whether you want to publish eBooks in HTML5, ePubs, Kindle books, responsive content hubs, or news aggregator apps; 3D Issue has the tools to allow you to publish your content in any form across any device.Whether you want to publish eBooks in HTML5, ePubs, Kindle books, responsive content hubs, or news aggregator apps; 3D Issue has the tools to allow you to publish your content in any form across any device.Once you've published your eBook you'll want to make it available to a physical device as soon as possible. Typical ways that your eBook can be read, include: In the dialog, navigate to the location where you wish to publish your eBook, then enter a file name in the box. Keep the drop-down list set to "ePub files (*.epub)".Ebook Only
If you are publishing a first novel, a book of essays, a compilation of stories or poetry, publishing ebook-only might be a smart path for you. Most folks with a first novel (or, actually, a first book of anything) don’t have much of an audience. An ebook is a low cost (see below) way to get your work into the public eye and make a little money on it, while you amp up your marketing and strengthen you market outreach. [Long-time readers know my mantra: no marketing = no sales.]
Self publish your eBooks to kindle and ePub readers, convert your procedural guides, ‘How-to’ guides and manual documents to eReader devices.

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I'm looking for information and documentation about Amazon API MWS, but in particular if it's possible to upload and publish ebooks for Kindle using only the API.

Publishing your eBook with Infinity Publishing, you can dramatically increase your book's exposure and reach new audiences.

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Have created a book and want to publish it online, but do not know how and where to publish it? Now there are many platforms that offer services to publish eBooks. You can access some famous platforms, like Amazon, easily. Additionally, if your story is interesting and you publish it in proper format and with an arresting image cover, I am pretty sure that people are going to like it. Here in this article, I will recommend you top 3 platforms to publish your eBook as well as some tips for arranging or decorating the eBook.

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As the developers of , a tool that's often used in schools to create ebooks, we wanted to share this tutorial on how to publish a book to the iBookstore. Whatever your reason for publishing an ebook, we'll walk you through the process from start to finish...