An Introduction to the Psychological Report Writing Assistant6

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Gary Groth-Marnat, Ph.D., ABPP, ABAP is lecturer, researcher, author, and practicing psychologist. He is an Emeritus Professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute and has authored over 160 journal articles/book chapters and has written five books including the bestselling Handbook of Psychological Assessment as well as the new Psychological report writing assistant (book + software).

III. Psychological Report Writing

Aug. 29--Assessment Interview and Psychological Report Writing--II and III

1. Orientation to Psychological Report Writing.

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1. Orientation to Psychological Report Writing.

Psychological report writing involves making your research findings public to enable others to learn about what you have done. In this way, society benefits from scientific research by allowing others to revise, expand, or criticize scientific work.

7. A Workshop on Psychological Report Writing: How to Write Reports and How Not To.
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7. A Workshop on Psychological Report Writing: How to Write Reports and How Not To.

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Caraniche specialises in forensic and psychological report writing for the purposes of Court and our forensic clinicians have experience in providing expert witness testimony.

Summary: Psychological Report Writing available in Miranda by experienced Clinical Psychologist.

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This book and software will be most useful for professional psychologists in training, beginning-level professional psychologists, and practicing professionals who write only occasional reports. It may also enable experienced assessment psychologists to write their reports more quickly and ensure that important dimensions of a report have not been overlooked. Specific resources included in this book are a description of the core qualities of optimal reports, report format, guidelines for completing various sections of the report, discussion of treatment recommendations, overview of different types of reports, and strategies for navigating the Psychological Report Writing Assistant (PRWA). Based on this information, a wide number of corresponding resources have been incorporated into the PRWA software. The software is divided into modules for writing the following five most common types of reports: cognitive, neuropsychological, psychoeducational, personality, and forensic (see Chapter 3). It is hoped that report writers will use these resources to easily assemble assessment data into an integrated report. Ideally, writers will find the “voice” of an expert guiding them through each step of the process. The result should be that not only will report writing proceed more quickly, but the quality of reports will be significantly better than for persons not using the PRWA.

Psychological report writing.

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