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In order to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive environment, corporations, companies, governments, and nonprofit organizations must be conversant with modern project management techniques. This is especially true for individuals looking to remain professionally competitive.

Illustrating the why, what, and how of project management, Project Management Concepts, Methods, and Techniques will help readers develop and refine the skills needed to achieve strategic objectives. It presents a balanced blend of detailed explanatory texts and more than 200 illustrations to supply readers with actionable knowledge that can be put to use immediately.

Completely aligned with the Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), this book is the ideal platform for developing the understanding needed to plan, schedule, and deliver successful projects. Explaining how to recognize performance obstacles, it supplies time-tested strategies to help you:


May you benefit from these lessons learned from previous project management technique mistakes!

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The increased prominence for project management techniques on the blog has come about as we’ve experienced and helped more clients work through implementation challenges. Having a strong, innovative plan is only part of the Brainzooming equation. Implementing innovation for organizations reluctant to embrace changes needed to survive and grow requires another set of skills for people playing project manager and project team member roles.

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Here are twenty-one articles organizing the project management technique strategies we’ve been sharing with clients to create needed changes in their organizations.

Executing the ProjectThe project management techniques related to the project execution phase include:[]
Project management tools and techniques are necessary in order of taking a project over the control to administer project’s plan, drive project plan performance, check the main job parameters on milestones, and operate with resources to ensure effective running of the project. The most popular today are computer-based PM tools and methodologies that allow managers to stay in a center of activities along with making it easier to supervise everything that takes place within the entrusted area. Actually tools and software is a winning integration that allows driving well-known project management tools techniques on a new IT platform giving promising opportunities. Let’s consider areas where special software may help and how:Gwenn Carr, a Project Management Professional (PMP®), has been a project manager, consultant and educator for over 25 years. She has worked with many companies in various industries and is the co-author of chapters in “The Field Guide to Project Management.” Her interest in improving the skills of project teams grew from her frustration while working with teams who had been assigned to projects and had received no training or guidance. A kinesthetic learner, Ms. Carr uses “learn by doing” techniques in her seminars and workshops to introduce and reinforce project management techniques and...Our project management professionals have experience with multi-billion dollar power project through small fast-track modification projects and outage implementation. In today's increasingly competitive business environment, effectively managed projects are critical to profitability. Well-structured and implemented project management techniques avoid project cost and schedule overruns and ensure that projects meet quality, safety, completion and operational performance objectives.The book also focuses on more than just project management techniques, including a thorough treatment of transformational and transactional leadership. Other topics covered include problem-solving techniques, development, and continuous improvement of processes required in product development, risk recognition and management, and proper communication with mangers and other stakeholders.
Closing Down the ProjectThe project management techniques related to the project closedown phase include:[]

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The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to practical project management techniques applicable to business projects in the private and public sectors. Concepts and techniques covered may include project specification, work break down structures, scheduling, network analysis, resource management and budgeting, risk analysis, reporting tools such as Gantt and PERT network charts, contractual issues, and, project termination.

Executing the ProjectThe project management techniques related to the project execution phase include:[]

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The Advanced Project Management Techniques module builds on the concepts introduced in the foundational module, providing advanced strategies to manage projects of increasing complexity, uncertainty and strategic importance. As projects grow in size and impact, they require new approaches to be able to effectively plan and manage, ensuring that stakeholder expectations are met and that project results are reliably delivered.

Closing Down the ProjectThe project management techniques related to the project closedown phase include:[]

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Lesson learned: If a weakness surfaces twice with a project team member, don’t expect a change of project scenery to fix it; invest the time with the team member to help improve project management technique deficiencies.