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For my business plan class, Icouldn’t be happier. I decided not to bid on the project related topharmaceuticals, and instead I had a different strategy. For thisclass, you got to place bids on over 20+ projects that were presentedto us to see which one you are interested in working on for theduration of the semester. A few of the people that I work well with andI were talking and we decided to all allocate the same number of pointson a project that received strong scores from the judges (since it is abusiness plan class, the owners of the companies had to present theiridea in front of a panel of judges, who then ranked the likelihood ofsuccess of the business as well as other attributes of the companies).Luckily, we all got the project! Working on a team where 5 of thepeople each do their own share of the work and everybody gets alongwell is a lucky situation in which to be. A lot of MBA coursework atBoston College is group work (extremely similar to the real world) andsometimes the group dynamics are not what one would hope. However, theopposite is also true when you get a team that works extremely welltogether! Our team ended up getting a project management simulationsoftware business (it help people become project management certifiedand retain the information much more quickly and efficiently thannormal methods). So far, everything has been wonderful and theenvironment of my team makes me excited to do the work - always a bonus!

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This course explores the last three phases of the project lifecycle—execution, monitor and control, and closing. Students gain a deeper understanding of project execution, including the monitor and control component. Students also learn how to utilize real-world scenarios and/or project management simulation software to build the project deliverables; control the project delivery, scope, costs, quality, and risks; and manage issues. The course also teaches students about successful project closure, including winding down the project by releasing staff, handing over deliverables to the customer, and completing a post-implementation review.

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