MPMM™ includes the following project management processes:

We will be using the famous Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mapping table from PMBOK guide, which is shown below, to demonstrate how we can easily relate the process to its Process Group and Knowledge Area.

The Project Management Process is a Project Management by .

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NASA Program and Project Management Processes and Requirements

However, there are few wrinkles in the growth story. AEC firms cite low profit margins as the number one business pressure. Many AEC firms lack standardized and consistent processes for managing projects. Project management processes are highly variable because of differences in customer and business needs, and cultural variations of different local offices. Performance review and reporting of projects is also highly variable. For example, earned value management (EVM) is an increasingly important performance methodology for AEC firms — yet many firms lack a common and consistent approach for measuring and monitoring the health of projects.

Figure 2. Project plan management process flow

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Project management processes can be organized into five groups of one or more processes each:
With the project life cycle in mind, we describe the project management process as a phase model. There are four project management phases or major project management steps:In section , we will describe how we create a detailed project plan with enough flexibility for changes in later phases. Emphasis lies on the core project management process, risk management process, and contract management process. Additionally, we indicate how we, as project managers, can involve into the proposal management process and benefit from it, and how to include the quality management process.The following picture illustrates the project management controlling cycle which will guide us through the whole project management process, from the first steps into defining the project, all the way to the last steps of closing the project.Companies that combine standardized project management processes with the right technology drive significantly better outcomes than their peers. These include improved project team productivity, lower project losses, and a higher instance of projects that get completed on time and under budget. 1. Standardized core project management processes across the enterprise: Business units and verticals in many AEC companies follow different methods and templates for managing projects. Many of these process variations are critical to meet the needs of specific customers and markets. However, these process variations can lower project margins and performance. For instance, a lack of standardization and automation in change management can reduce management’s ability to track, control and consistently price changes requests and manage scope creep, resulting in lower margins and increased project risks. AEC companies can leverage an integrated and centralized project management platform to foster standardization of processes such as change management, scheduling, costing, and project reporting. Formalized processes and automation can also help scale the business.Through Lotus Notes, Tracker Suite® streamlines the project management process, by providing Web enabled solutions for , and , as well as a .
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Step-by-Step Project Management Process

In addition to providing a comprehensive set of project procedures, for every project management process you will find an Example which gives you a complete practical example of that project process, for a sample project.

And there you have it. MPMM™ includes an entire project management process to help you deliver projects successfully.

Chapter 3: The Project Management Process Groups

The core project management process is divided into five main stages. Each of the project stages is described in its own section within the Guide. The five stages that are identified include:

Project Management Processes

Chapter 3 - Project Management Processes

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