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- UCLA , 2012
This book is developed as a free, collaborative and interactive learning environment for elementary probability and statistics education. The book blends information technology, scientific techniques and modern pedagogical concepts.

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The World Congress is overseen by members of the Bernoulli Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. The two organizations joined forces, and their combined meetings comprise the World Congress in Probability and Statistics. The first of these meetings was the 7th World Congress, which took place in Singapore in 2008.

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Each meeting of the World Congress covers a wide range of topics in statistics and probability. Recent developments in all of the aforementioned fields are discussed. Special lecture series document a variety of modern research topics with in-depth uses and applications of these disciplines to other fields in the sciences, industrial innovation, and society as a whole. The meeting always features several special plenary lectures presented by leading specialists in their respective fields. In addition, many invited sessions discuss topics of current research interests. Posters and videos also take part in the World Congress in Probability and Statistics.

2. Introduction to Probability and Statistics by J.S. Milton & J.C. Arnold

by Allen B. Downey - Green Tea Press , 2011
Think Stats is an introduction to Probability and Statistics for Python programmers. This new book emphasizes simple techniques you can use to explore real data sets and answer interesting statistical questions. Basic skills in Python are assumed.
(14190 views)The goal of the World Congress in Probability and Statistics is to convene with the greatest minds in the field to discuss the scientifical know-how of the day. Every branch of probability and statistics is discussed, as well as new, interesting applications in the fields. Scientists gather to discuss the goings-on in hopes of expanding upon their own research. Overall, the program is meant to expound upon the scientific knowledge of the day, creating a better future for mankind. Investment decisions are based on future events. If we could foretell future, our decisions would be obvious. But as we know, this is not possible and we are faced with uncertainty. To deal with uncertainty we use probability and statistics.This course is the first semester of a two-course sequence, ST371-2, covering probability and statistics. The objective of this course, ST371, is to develop a calculus-level understanding and working knowledge of basic probability. The course provides an introduction to the rudiments of probability calculus, to discrete and continuous random variables and their probability distributions, and to sampling distributions. Concepts, methods and applications are emphasized, rather than theory. Successful completion of this course will prepare you for ST372 and provide you with a foundation for understanding probability-based material presented in other courses.
4. Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by S.M. Ross

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Probability and statistics EBook - Socr

by G. Jay Kerns , 2010
A textbook for an undergraduate course in probability and statistics. The prerequisites are two or three semesters of calculus and some linear algebra. Students attending the class include mathematics, engineering, and computer science majors.

The Probability and Statistics EBook is a freely and openly accessible electronic book developed by SOCR and the general community.

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Extensively class-tested to ensure an accessible presentation,, SecondEdition is an excellent book for courses on probability andstatistics at the upper-undergraduate level. The book is also anideal resource for scientists and engineers in the fields ofstatistics, mathematics, industrial management, andengineering.