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Once children know they can accomplish something academically, they become more confident. As their self-esteem grows, they develop a better self-image. This makes them more open to learning new material and tackling class projects. Private tutoring can be particularly helpful if your child is shy or is uncomfortable around their peers.

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Finally, private tutoring is especially beneficial to students who have short attention spans. Tutors know how to spot instances when the student’s attention is wandering. When they notice that the student is not concentrating, they can then give the student a break before resuming the lessons when the student’s attention is focused once more on their studies.

A private tutor can be a primary motivator for students.

“It’s not always enough to have a private school education, students also need to keep up with the competition,” says Joanne Kashmina, academic registrar at Carfax Private Tutors, an agency based in Oxford and London. The bulk of its work is with children who are struggling, often where English is not their first language, while around 20 per cent is with students who are doing well but perhaps want extra help preparing for exams.

Private tutoring can help you get organized so you feel more confident about taking tests.
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Some of the ways in which private tutoring can help students that lack confidence include:

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Online tutoring is increasingly the popular mode of supplementary education. At first glance, the reason for this is easy to understand. Private tutoring takes away the peer pressure of a class and makes it far easier for a student to ask questions and seek answers to them. With online tutoring, students who might feel intimidated by the physical presence of a tutor do not hesitate to ask questions or find answers in virtual classrooms. This is a generation of students who are very used to the virtual presence of people and are at ease with applications like Skype or Whatsapp.

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Private tutoring can give at-risk students the confidence they need to succeed.

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