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Successful presentation is a combination of great slides, text and the art of a storyteller. When presenting live, you combine PowerPoint slides with your voice intonations, emotions and body language. When presentations go online, they usually lack the visual communication of the presenter, generally keeping
only a background voice.

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There is a rapid way to share your presentations online as talking videos, visit  to get started.

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Interesting transitions include flipping, rotating and reflecting images and the animations are stunning. Killer feature: the ability to show your presentation online to up to 50 people too.

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Have you made your conference presentations available online? If yes, we'd love to see them and hear about how or if they've been beneficial for you! Do you have any other ideas about how to make your conference research more accessible to others?

Flickr is an online photo hosting program that can also be used to host presentations online if you export your Powerpoint slides as images.
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iSpring authoring software works as a PowerPoint add-in and incorporates PowerPoint authoring facilities with advanced multimedia technologies. Working with iSpring’s easy-to-use interface in the familiar PowerPoint environment allows users to accelerate the development cycle of online presentations significantly. The final Flash movie can be a single file, which is great for sharing online or sending via email. iSpring lets you focus more on content quality rather than the sharing process. Online presentation sharing has created a space for selling presentations. The presentations sold online are usually meant for training and learning purposes. With PayLoadz, you can sell presentations online in a few simple steps. You need to sign up for a PayLoadz account and provide your payment information, such as a PayPal account or Google Checkout account details, to start selling presentations. After signing up for a PayLoadz account, please follow the steps below to sell presentations:Traditionally, most people download PowerPoint programs onto their personal computers and then use it directly from their computer. Today, it is easier than ever to access VisualBee, a PowerPoint maker online, in order to create high quality slides. However, you may be asking yourself why you would want to make a PowerPoint online? Well, there are in fact many advantages to creating PowerPoint presentations online. Here is just one of them.In some cases, presenting face to face simply isn’t an option. Sending a is great, but posting presentations online is also a great alternative. Having a presentation online makes it accessible to anyone (or a group of people you give access to) at anytime from the comfort of their own computer, tablet or smartphone.
If you just need to host the presentation online, there are several known websites like SlideShare, but  is another (free) option to consider.

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So the question is: what’s the best way to share your presentation online so more people could see it? Out of a dozen or more ways to solve the issue, let’s get down to the five that seem to make the most sense:

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280slides’ is a sophisticated free software to help you prepare your powerpoint presentations online. Almost all functionality essential for meeting your online presentation needs can be found here. You are free to choose your theme and layout of the presentation. It includes all the basic features to insert a picture, movie, shapes, text box, notes etc.

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Here’s our Top 5 ways on sharing PowerPoint presentations online. There might be more solutions already available or hatching at this very moment, so we don’t claim to be the world’s foremost authority here. Hopefully, we managed to convey the feeling of how cool it is to broadcast your materials to a bigger audience yet stay in control of things. Whatever option you choose, make sure you get the most out of PowerPoint, which is a tremendously powerful tool, indeed.