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You may include secondary sources in your essay if you would like to do so; just be sure to cite these sources properly in your text and on the works cited page. You may also include biographical information for the poet but only if you are trying to make the case that the speaker is indeed the poet. Otherwise, we do not need biographical information for the poet. You may also want to include a brief paragraph that brings in a critical approach from a literary critic or one that relies on a reader-response approach. Adding this critical review portion is entirely optional. I mention it only because you might come across an analysis of your poem that you find so fascinating that you want to include the critic’s work in your essay. Just be sure to cite the critic in your text and on your works cited page.
Attached are two well-written poetry explication essays. Your title page should look like the title page of the example. Notice the page number, the MLA header, the bipartite title, and the placement of the poem—with line numbers in 5-line increments—on the title page. The examples are much longer than yours needs to be but they illustrate how much one can invest in a poetry explication essay.

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Poetry Explication Essay of "How Cruel is the Story of Eve" by Stevie Smith
Poetry Explication Essay

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Length Requirement: 750-1000 words Your Process: Choose a poem from the readings for Unit 4 and write a poetry explication essay

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