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Establishing a Project Management Office is a challenging task. You need to put in place the right PMO tools to support projects adequately and ensure project buy-in. This checklist helps you do that, by listing each of the critical items needed to set up and run a Project Management Office quickly and efficiently.

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Bestoutcome is an organisation which provide PMO specific tools – such as their PM3 tool which provides dashboard reporting amongst other governance and best practice areas (take a look at the ) Bestoutcome is also used to being the PMO for some of their clients too so this is an ideal opportunity to find out what advice they give when a PMO has to implement a tool for the first time.

How to Maximize Business Value from PMO Tools

Is that the million-dollar question that many PMOs face today? Recognising that there is no silver bullet for the successful implementation of PMO tools or even choosing the right tool for their programme and project organisations. The prospect of implementing the right tool is daunting but the decision is becoming an increasingly necessary one.

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Step 3 – Define PMO tools and processes

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And of course, PMO tools & templates should be available electronically 24×7

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