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When majoring in Economics you are tasked with picking a PhD thesis topic. The PhD thesis topic should encompass a subject that is interesting to you and to others. Remember you will be working on this for three or four years so making sure the topic is of interest to you and more importantly of interest to others is a key point in creating your thesis topic. The PhD thesis period in your education is the only uninterrupted free learning time you have so use it wisely. There are many steps to choosing a PhD thesis topic and following these steps will help you to establish a great thesis topic.

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The thing number one to do before getting down writing a dissertation is to think up a PhD thesis topic. But still most students wonder how to do it right. Sure, sometimes getting a assignment you at the same time get a topic provided by the professor. But, what to do if not? In order to answer this simple question we are going to do the following review. We will not just give you various examples of PhD thesis topics; we are going to teach how to think up topics on your own. We really hope that this experience will be useful for you in the future. In case, if you want to avoid any writing at all or for some reasons the following guide will not help, do not hesitate to apply to thesis writing services.

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Finding ICT research topics is quite a research work itself in today's competitive world. I found many possible master's and phd thesis topics in ICT from one site where the author expressed his experience during finding them.

Of course there are many potential PhD thesis paper topics depending on your field. Some general topics might include:
This list of thesis topics has been divided into two categories; Masters thesis topics and PhD thesis topics.

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