A McMaster Engineering civil engineering alumnus has been awarded a top prize in an annual worldwide PhD thesis competition on masonry research.

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Administration in Central and Eastern Europe) PhD thesis competition

Winner of the 2013 PhD thesis competition announced

plays an importantrole here. IMISCOE is an EU financed institute focusing on the development ofmigration research, and I believe it was a good investment. They carry out goodresearch, organise conferences and PhD thesis competition and contributegreatly to the development of migration research in EuropeEurope

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The Organizers intend to encourage PhD level work in the area of Sensors and Actuators. In view of this, the symposium announces a "PhD thesis competition" during ISPTS-2. We call upon the students who have worked in the rlevant field to submit their PhD Synopsis (No more than 10 pages) consisitng of their work details and key findings, through their respective guides, or accompanying with a separate request from the guide.

+ 2007 Honorary Mention, PhD Thesis competition, Associazione Italiana Intelligenza Artificiale (AI*IA).
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Tim Roughgarden receives honorable mention in the ACM PhD thesis competition and receives the MPS Tucker Prize. His advisor was Eva Tardos.

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Frank Berendse defended in 1981 his PhD Thesis Competition and equilibrium in grassland communities. He was associated professor at Utrecht University till 1987. Thereafter he moved to Wageningen, where he was appointed full professor in Nature conservation and plant ecology in 1993. His research focusses on the long term dynamics of natural ecosystems, the effects of climate change, the consequences of biodiversity loss and the efficacy of agri-environment schemes. He is among the 0.1% most frequently cited scientists within the field of environmental sciences (ISI). Recently, he contributed to the governmental advise for a new nature policy in the Netherlands.

Phd thesis competition law

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