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In college, you are often assigned papers which leave you with little room to express your opinion. Fortunately, there is the persuasive essay. The persuasive essay allows you to argue a point you feel strongly about to the reader; but it's not enough to pick your own topic - you must pick a topic which is going to get you a good grade. Here are the top twenty topics for a persuasive papers.

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Below is a list of top ten controversial topics that you can use in your persuasive paper

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Formatting the thesis statement BEFORE you begin writing helps you see your purpose for writing. Persuasive papers provide research which is intended to change readers' opinions or to provide solutions to problems.

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Don't forget that persuasive papers also INFORM readers by using background information on the topic. This gives the readers the knowledge they need to make informed or educated decisions about your written presentation. (IOW - whether they will change their minds or not about your POV.)

The easiest way to write an A+ persuasive paper is to choose a topic that truly interests you:
When writing a persuasive paper or preparing for a persuasive speech, you should begin by focusing on the main issue or problem that people disagree about. Try to separate personal judgements and emotions from your argument. The most effective persuasive argument appeals to reason, not emotion. No argument has only one side to it. In order to write a truly great persuasive paper, you should acknowledge theopposition; there are two ways to talk about the opposition, depending on the evidence available.
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The persuasive papers overall were scored higher than the narrative papers

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As my students have worked with this end-of-the-term persuasive essay format,the benefits to them have become increasingly clear. But I also benefit. I oftenwould come to the end of the semester wondering despairingly, "What did weaccomplish?" I would create new lessons based on errors I saw in students'writing or on topics that arose serendipitously, so it didn't always feel likeI'd covered a lot of weighty topics in depth. Some minilessons are so short andfocused—like the use of a lot or the thesaurus—that I frequently have felt as ifmy direct instruction was haphazard and random. This is not as much of a problemnow. As I've introduced the persuasive essay final, I've also required studentsto record all minilessons in a special section in their learning logs, and thisis one of the main sources they draw from when they write their persuasivepapers. It helps them take minilessons more seriously during the year, and itoffers a substantial review, which is the purpose of an exam. Further, studentsand teacher alike realize that we really did cover a lot during the year. It'sgreat to go from wondering, "What did we spend all our time on thisyear?" to thinking, "Wow—we really did cover a lot of ground."