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Overcoming Obstacles College Essay - If I Can’t Fly the Aircraft…Then I Will Build Them - If I could choose one person in the United States history to be my idol, it would be Jim Lovell, the commander of the Apollo 13 mission. You see all my life I wanted to serve my country as a member of the NASA astronaut team as he did. In my opinion, he embellishes all that it means to be an American as evident of his actions during the “successful failure” that was the catastrophic mission which he commanded. I believe that he and I share several common traits, such as passion for aerospace and the ability to keep a level head under extreme pressure. We both have the ability to persevere and move forward despite numerous setbacks and seemingly insurmountable odds.

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While not an "obstacle" prompt, but an "activity" prompt, one of my kids wrote about not making the soccer team junior year (there were no goalie openings and that was her position) after 11 years of playing on a team and all the training she did to get onto the team that year, and what she did instead that season (coached a youth soccer team) and how she did not quit the sport but came but came back senior year to be the starting varsity goalie, etc. In many ways, this would be an overcoming an obstacle essay even though that was not the prompt.

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The first thing that you need to do when you want to write a very impressive essay is to develop a very good introduction. This would come in a form of a powerful statement that would summarize what your essay is all about. Everybody would suffer from a difficulty. When we bump into a severe difficulty, there comes a big test. It is vitally important to have a plan before you begin to write essay about overcoming obstacles. Writing the overcoming obstacles essay will be simpler with a rough outline before you.

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this would be an overcoming an obstacle essay even though that was not the prompt

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