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D. Any order of assignment shall be issued only for support, spousal maintenance, spousal maintenance arrearages, interest on spousal maintenance arrearages and handling fees. The order of assignment shall state the total amount that the payor shall withhold. The order of assignment also shall specify the monthly amount of current support and any other payment ordered for support, the monthly amount of any current spousal maintenance, the monthly amount of any spousal maintenance arrearages and any monthly interest payment. If the obligor's disposable earnings from the primary employer or other payor do not meet the support obligation, the court shall issue an order of assignment to a secondary employer or other payor of the obligor in order to meet the full support obligation.

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Order Of Assignment Form. This is a Arizona form and can be use in Maricopa Local County.

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5. Arrearages are not owed if the order of assignment includes a payment for arrearages.
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This is to notify you that part of your income or other monies is being taken away by the enclosed order of assignment that was issued on a request for an order of assignment that also is enclosed. The order of assignment has been issued for currently accruing child support or spousal maintenance, or both, based on the requesting party's claim that you are obligated to pay this. In addition, the requesting party may be claiming a right to collect other support, as defined in section 25-500, Arizona Revised Statutes, arrearages on spousal maintenance or interest on a judgment for unpaid spousal maintenance.

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E. An order of assignment shall be served on any employer or other payor by first class mail, electronic transmission or personal delivery or pursuant to the Arizona rules of family law procedure. The order of assignment is effective immediately on receipt by any employer or other payor and any future employer or future payor. Any employer or other payor of monies shall begin withholding no later than fourteen days after receipt of an order of assignment. The employer or other payor, if feasible, may begin withholding sooner than the fourteen day period if a payment to the obligor is due sooner.