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Participants: Masters and doctoral students Intervention: The use of the online writing tool for writing the methods section of an article from an RCT protocol.

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 is an online writing tool with virtual notecards. It imports and exports Fountain files.

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Online writing tools are becoming the go-to solutions when faced with content creation difficulties. They are effective assistants in making creative development easier, as well as for organization and productivity purposes. If you are struggling to tap into your inner writer, using online writing tools can help you. Here are some that can help you break writer’s block without ever locking your computer screen.

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For each domain, the online writing aid tool consisted of a single or several large text boxes in which the participants could write the corresponding part of the methods section. Above each text box was a reminder of the information that should be reported. This reminder consisted of the related CONSORT item followed by the statement “Please describe” and bullet points with all the information that needed to be reported.

Recently, though, I stumbled upon . It’s as close to my vision of a perfect online writing tool as I’ve found.
Hypothesis We hypothesize that to improve reporting, the CONSORT guidelines must be implemented at the stage of the writing of the manuscript instead of at the stage of journal submission or peer review process. We developed a CONSORT based online writing tool to improve the completeness of reporting. This tool focuses on some domains of the methods section of a 2-arm parallel group randomized controlled trial evaluating pharmacologic or nonpharmacologic treatment.
This is not exactly tool; it's the best bank of online writing tools for grades K-12. These are all interactive tools that walk students through dozens of writing tasks. First graders can write their first business letter on an easy-to-use template and print it. Middle school students enjoy the comic creator, practicing storyboard skills in the process. High school students use the drama map to help them better understand the elements of reading dramas. Venn diagrams, alphabet games, many poem generators, and much more await you! This site is easy to use and will run on most browsers. (You might need to download Flash, a free program for online animation.) Watch student writing come alive with free online writing tools. Publish student writing online, participate in collaborative writing, or develop interactive fiction. Tools can be used either by students in grades 7-12 or by K-12 teachers. Summary: WriteLab is an online writing tool offering immediate, objective, and constructive responses to any writer's prose. Co-founded by former NWP board chair Donald McQuade and by Matthew Ramirez, a graduate student in English at UC Berkeley, WriteLab draws on the latest developments in machine learning and natural language processing.
is a collaborative, online screenwriting tool that imports and exports Fountain. Fountain is also supported by , also from Guy Goldstein.

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Finishing a novel takes focus, dedication, motivation and time. Tools for book writing online make it much easier for you to plot a story, create a sustainable writing routine, draft without distraction and more. Don’t wait for NaNoWriMo to roll around again to finish your novel this year. Make headway now with the help of these 10 online writing tools:

Objective Our objective is to evaluate the impact of the CONSORT based online writing tool on the completeness of reporting.

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An online writing aid tool that combines the different extensions of the CONSORT Statement and provides appropriate explanations with examples of adequate reporting would be a more efficient way to implement the CONSORT statements and thus improve the quality of reporting. We developed a writing aid tool based on the CONSORT guidelines and its extension for non-pharmacologic treatments to help authors when writing a report of a RCT. We evaluated the impact of this tool on the completeness of reporting of two-arm parallel-group RCTs evaluating pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions.

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Today I want to feature Science Writer, a free online writing tool developed by Tracey Hall, Elizabeth Murray, and CAST colleagues. It’s a wonderful example of how to scaffold students’ writing in relation to the demands of a particular writing genre, in this case, the science lab report, or more generally, the science report. The tool is designed for use with middle school and high school students, but might also work for upper elementary students, depending on their skill.