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You can pursue a degree in creative writing from one of 330 on-campus creative writing schools around the nation. And there are approximately 3 online creative writing schools for you to consider.

Find top accredited online writing schools and training programs

Find top accredited online creative writing schools and training programs

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There are 60 online schools in the US offering over 164 accredited online technical writing programs. There are approximately 487,579 students enrolled in these accredited online technical writing schools. These online technical writing colleges admit students into online technical writing courses at a rate of 71 out of every 100 applicants.

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Accredited online technical writing schools offer a variety of online technical writing programs for students to select from. They offer 27 online technical writing certificate programs, 4 online technical writing associate's degree programs and 131 online technical writing bachelor's degree programs. Also, there is 2 online technical writing master's degree programs.

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Two very reputable online writing schools are the Long Ridge Writers Group and the Institute of Children's Literature.

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Online Writing Schools

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