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By itself, this is not a problem. Indeed, 28-year-old people pen engaging stories all the time. But when a first-person narrative such as “When I’m Gone” is not labeled clearly as fiction — as it would be in a bookstore, in an anthology of short stories, or in an online writing journal — do we now have a problem?

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Some athletes choose to use their journal as a way to plan their day. Other athletes record the days events or activities. Its great to have an online writing journal that is available just to you, from home, work, or anywhere you have internet access.

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Japanese-based computer skill EFL courses are offered by Muehleisen (1997) and Trokeloshvili and Jost (1997). Muehleisen describes how email, discussion lists, Websurfing, and MOOing can benefit EFL learners. Her proposal to create a classroom Web site is a good instance of collaborative learning. Trokeloshvili and Jost focus on online writing activities. After mentioning email and Web page writing projects, they note problems of course evaluation and acquiring typing skills. More articles about Web-based writing projects are available from , an online writing journal.

• ‘ugh, oOps and EXIT:EXTINCT’ (poems) in HOW2, online writing journal for women, feature on ecopoetics
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