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Two of China's largest online publishing companies announced this week that they will merge, creating what some have called the 'Amazon of eBooks'.

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ONLINEPUBLISHING COMPANY however, feels that the public are entitled to judge forthemselves.


In less than a year, the debt-strapped Tribune Publishing Company has reached out and purchased a surprising number of local newspapers. While the initial financial damage is intimidating, the long-term plan for increased revenues and strengthening the company’s hold on local markets cannot be denied. More and more larger online publishing companies are starting to see significant value in utilizing their associated websites to their advantage. When a large publishing entity can lock up the distribution of news and information in a particular area, then there will be significant opportunities to increase local, regional, and even national revenues.

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Does the desire for a tangible record of your photographs have you up at night, reaching for your phone and Googling "How to Publish a Photo Book?" If you want complete control over your book and a big publishing house is not your scene, self-publishing could be the way to go. With online publishing companies like Blurb adding a bevy of new features and partnerships, the time has never been better to harness the resources of the self-publishing realm. Whether you’re looking to create a self-promotion piece to distribute to clients or simply wish to compile a personal project for your coffee table, check out the experiences and processes of three photographers who’ve created (or are in the process of creating) a proper photo book in the past year.

ONLINE PUBLISHING COMPANY carried out a piercing investigation into Tony Blair’s covert financing and reveals a hidden secret or strange coincidence.
ONLINE PUBLISHING COMPANY spoke with the registrar of Companies House, who confirmed that those companies were labelled under ‘other business activities’ and that no accounts whatsoever had been filed. A spokesman for the Registrar of Companies House confirmed that if no accounts were received by the due date, it would constitute a criminal offence. They were ultimately filed on the very last day permitted by law.Last year, the Chief Operating Officer of Firerush Ventures, Mark Labovitch, resigned. It is, however, unclear how the Firerush Venture companies could afford the Oxford educated Labovitch in the first place. It is also unclear why Labovitch became a director at Coventry City Football Club, and joined a Dubai based provider of private education and why they parted company. ONLINE PUBLISHING COMPANY tried to contact the ex Firerush CEO, but without any response. No comment was also the reply from the office of Tony Blair.On the morning of September 11th, 2001, aterrible event occurred which may well have been wholly misrepresented. One wastold, and pictures showed, that wide body jets flew into the twin towers andcompletely destroyed them. For the sake of clarity: Passenger planes (largehollow aluminium tubes) flew into industrial steel, marble and concrete skyscrapers, and caused them to turn into a pile of dust. The worst part aboutthis is that all believed it. ONLINE PUBLISHING COMPANY investigates what didand did not happen on that fateful day. The conventional explanation provided, by government and media, for atop-down highly destructive gravitational collapse, in near-free-fall times, isphysically impossible, and is thus about as worthy of discussion as is thebelief that the Earth is flat.Founded by , Webist Publishing LLC & Misnamed Media LLC are Independent Online Publishing Companies
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LONDON, UK, 6 October 2011 - comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced that it has been selected by the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) - the industry body representing online publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content - to conduct a study focused on how trusted websites can deliver higher returns on advertising investment. The breakthrough study is commissioned by the AOP on behalf of its members, including leading online publishers such as the Guardian Media Group, the Telegraph Media Group, BskyB, ITV, IPC Media, Bauer Media and Reed Business Information.

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One of the most important questions any author should ask before seeking a publisher is 'will I have to pay anything to have my book published?' Most traditional publishers cover the entire cost of publishing, but only accept certain books. In self publishing, even with the help of online publishing companies, the onus is on the author to foot the bill.

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