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Further research regarding the feasibility of online nursing classes in a vocational setting is necessary. To date, there is a dearth of literature on this topic. Since most of the research literature tends to focus on online education with regards to arts and sciences, this inquiry provides new ways to examine the feasibility of an online pharmacology course in a vocational nursing program.

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The course professor, in reflecting on the experience at the end of the second year of online delivery, felt that introductory pharmacology was well suited for this model of online, self-directed learning. His experience over the two years had been that approximately a quarter of the students in the online class tend to seek him out for questions and clarification as needed. This was the first course this professor had ever delivered online. One of his statements—“From a faculty point of view, the biggest factor is the efficiency of being able to test frequently without the incredible amount of time it takes to prepare (and administer) written tests”—illustrates that for this faculty member putting the course online created an introduction to some of the practical advantages of incorporating technology into teaching and learning. Initial faculty investment in time required becoming proficient with a course management system (Blackboard) and the associated Blackboard program, Respondus, for the development and incorporation of tests. While this type of testing could be incorporated into a traditional lecture course, the faculty member would have not had reason to familiarize himself with this use of the technology had he not been tasked to create this online pharmacology course.

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A convenience sample of second-year dental students for two consecutive years following implementation of the online pharmacology course was used, with a response rate of 179/197 or 91 percent. Demographics can be found in Table 1. The student demographics show a predominantly white, male student body between twenty-three and twenty-five years of age.

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Enhance your with Allied's online Pharmacology Course. In addition to a thorough review of basic pharmacology principles, you will learn monographs on the common drugs and prescriptions, how to differentiate among drug classifications, terminology spelling conventions and pronunciations.

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