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Perhaps because so many people got taken in by these phony education schemes, the bona fide schools, those already established with classrooms, campuses, and, best of all, respected reputations began offering online college degree programs, too. It was almost impossible not to see that online learning was quickly becoming a very popular educational format.

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These earliest online college degree programs became known as diploma mills - basically, a student sent in the required amount of money and the school would send him or her a diploma that looked pretty official. There was little, if any, actual education going on.

Some students like engineering. Welcome to engineering and bioengineering degree online college degree programs.
The colleges and schools of University of Phoenix put education in your reach with degree programs and online classes made to fit your life. We’re dedicated to helping working adults achieve their educational and career goals. We offer online college degree programs, on-campus classes in select locations and feature a collection of colleges & schools offering in-demand degrees.
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Western Carolina’s comprehensive online college degree programs are ideal for a wide variety of learners, including people seeking undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and teacher licensure degrees. WCU also offers off-site and hybrid programs, and even has an international program marketed specifically to aspiring Jamaican teachers, which provides options for Special Education; Early Childhood; Administration; and subject specialties in Math, Science, and Literacy. WCU’s online programs for undergrads are highly competitive, a quality that sets this top online college apart from the idea that distance education schools will just “take anyone.”