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3. Cost: Online certificates and degrees generally differ in cost as well. Because online certificate programs are shorter than degree programs and many certificate programs consist of noncredit courses, they’re usually cheaper.

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2. Time: Online certificates also usually take fewer years to earn than online degrees, experts say, making a person's available time another major factor in determining which to pursue.

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"The Thunderbird Online Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management easily met my expectations. Within 1 month of completing the course I was offered an internal transfer to the Middle East to work in a country with a focus on oil & gas. Given the fact that I was traveling regularly, the convenience of the online learning environment made the course accessible and flexible during my travels. My congratulations go out to the professors of the course and those involved in the online delivery, as it is world class. The course book is well written. It is current and factual, but engaging with reference to case studies of current and future projects happening around the globe. The fact that I could download it to my iPad made it easy to read while traveling. I have recommended the online course to many friends and colleagues. - Travis Cunningham, International SOS"

Enrolling in an online certificate program is often a similar process as enrolling in an on-campus certificate program.
Boston University Online certificate programs are an excellent option for students who seek professional advancement without immediately committing to a degree program, or for those who may already have an advanced degree and seek to update their knowledge and skills. And of course, because they are offered online, Boston University Online certificates provide both the flexibility and the prestige you’re looking for in an academic program. If you’re still curious about how our online degrees and programs work, be sure to read about on the page.Boston University Online currently offers several certificates at the graduate level. These short-term, four-course programs deliver intensive and specialized training, and in many cases credits earned toward a graduate certificate may be directly transferred toward a master’s degree—just in case you decide you’d like to continue studying. You can apply for any of the online certificate programs at any time—classes begin six times throughout the year.In response to high demand, @ONE is offering an Online Teaching Certification Program that will help you excel in the digital age. It’s extremely affordable, comprehensive and easy to fit within your busy schedule. The program has been designed with your instructional needs in mind, so you’ll receive usable tips every step of the way from experienced instructors in online education. You’ll acquire effective course design skills, increase your student success and retention rates, better use your existing course management tools and learn to leverage new media to inspire your students to excel.
Those pursuing online certificates as opposed to online degrees typically seek a quicker return on their investment, says one expert.

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The online certificates at our University are for students who seek a shorter program focused on career development or knowledge of a specific discipline. You can obtain your certificate at an accelerated pace and low cost through while balancing the demands of your work and life commitments.

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"I have been working for an international oil company for the past 15 years, and have experience in both the upstream and downstream sectors. The online Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management gave me great insight into the entire value chain as well as a strategic view of the industry as a whole. The program provided many practical examples in a reasonable length of time. I strongly recommend this online certificate to anyone who wants to make a career or advance their career in the oil & gas industry. – Altug Tasman, BP Exploration Caspian Sea"

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The benefits of pursuing this type of education are obvious. With online certificates, students can learn and gain valuable credentials in their spare time and from the comfort of their own homes. Since many certificate programs are self-paced, students can learn as they go and find time to study while still tending to their other responsibilities.