Explain how the setting led to the suspense or helped accentuate the mystery throughout the mystery book report. For example, if the story takes place in the dark woods or a haunted house or on the back streets of London, try to communicate the atmosphere of the setting and how it invoked emotion or suspense while reading the story.

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Create a 'suspense grid' after the book is completed whereby the clues that solved the mystery are discussed in the story. Illustrate each event or clue and explain how they combined to impact the story's direction and maintain the mystery. This will help demonstrate in the mystery book report that the story was not only read, but understood as well.

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Mystery book reports should also be as descriptive as possible to capture the essence of the story and also provide as many details as possible. When discussing the plot and conflict, the mystery book report needs to discuss how the characters, setting and conflicts all combined to guide the book along.

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When evaluating the story at the conclusion of the mystery book report, talk about any personal impressions of the mystery, how long it remained a mystery, and if the suspense was worth the conclusion of the story.

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