My doctoral dissertation at a 'bargain' price

I had the honor to work with Dr. Carroll as I completed my doctoral dissertation. Dr. Carroll has distinct command of research methodology. She is a sensitive and caring mentor. She understands the anxiety and exhaustion that doctoral students often experience. Her genuine kindness, patience and encouragement make her an exceptional advisor. Her infectious enthusiasm, positive attitude and energy cause students to embrace the process rather than see it as a negative experience.Andrews University

Written as a Prologue in my doctoral dissertation , which mainly

The public examination of my doctoral dissertation, March 24, 2001

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Q: Why do I need to submit an electronic copy of my doctoral dissertation to ProQuest and iDEA?
A: Drexel wishes to make its research available to the international scholarly community as widely as possible. The Faculty Senate approved this requirement in 2003 for doctoral students. The Libraries maintains an open access institutional repository, iDEA, where Drexel scholarship, including our dissertations, is made available to the international scholarly community.

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This is my doctoral dissertation, submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in in the of the .

after toiling and toiling over the past four days, i finally managed to get my doctoral dissertation repurposed into an ePub!
In my doctoral dissertation, I examine emergency calls to the police in German. I use the psycholinguistic quaestio model in my analysis. According to this model, every coherent conversation adheres to the communicative function of language, the quaestio. I examine why emergency calls deviate from this communicative task, as sequences discarding the quaestio may implement other functions.I inaugurate this blog one month and a half after the defense of my doctoral dissertation As you may imagine this is one of many things I have in my to-do-list-after-the-thesis. I’m afraid that I’ll not complete most of them… but here you have the weblog!
I desperately need help recruiting adult cancer survivors for my doctoral dissertation

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I am currently a lecturer at a university in one of the six countries supported through this fellowship, and I am working on my doctoral dissertation proposal, as I plan to enroll in a PhD program in the next few months. Am I eligible to apply even though I am not yet enrolled in a PhD program?
Yes, as long as you will enroll in a PhD program within the next year. Specifically, you are eligible to apply for the doctoral dissertation proposal fellowship.

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My doctoral dissertation at a 'bargain' price

In my doctoral dissertation, I examine the transfer of linguistic knowledge to students of technical sciences from the perspective of text linguistics. My analysis focuses on literature written in German on speech technology for students in technical fields. This includes, for instance, printed self-study publications as well as lecture handouts supporting contact teaching. At the level of text, in addition to the structure of the content, the “presence” of several sciences is indicated by, for instance, the presentation of the terminology of the “foreign” field as well as by metaphorical expressions that use the concepts of the target field (i.e., the field of technical sciences) to describe linguistic phenomena (for instance, the description of the speech process using concepts from signal theory or control engineering).

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This is how Jesus finds me sitting by His feet, walking about at home without makeup and in my comfortable clothing. And this is how Jesus found me the first time and my first smile to Him! Unforgettable! This was how my Doctoral Dissertation topic came about: