We provide model essays for all subjects taught at UK universities.

Holt Online Essay Scoring offers one or more writing prompts for each category listed below. For each prompt, we also provide an interactive model essay. When your student clicks on one of the features identified in the margin, the related material in the essay lights up and an instructional note pops up. To view an interactive model, click on one of the categories below. Each interactive model is also linked to a printer-friendly version.

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As well as providing model essays and  and , Oxbridge Essays also provides a .

We provide model essays for all subjects taught at UK universities.

Model essays can be extremely useful because they show you what you are aiming for, and they contain good vocabulary and correct grammar. However, the model essays in some IELTS books seem to confuse students because they are written in too many different ways (so the 'method' isn't clear).

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Although there is no 'right way' to write an essay, I think that you should find one way and stick with it. If you read a model essay that is written in a different way, don't worry! Use the essay for ideas and vocabulary, but don't change your method. Maybe you could even rewrite the model essay using your method.

As well as providing model essays and  and , Oxbridge Essays also provides a .
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In some countries ,schools aim to provide a general education across a range of subjects ,in others ,children focus on a narrow range of subjects related to a particular career. For today's world, which system is appropriate? Historically speaking, schools arose from the “ academia” of Plato ,who primarily instituted this society as a place for both reflection and meditation for the true meaning of life ,universe and our final aim as human beings. But this trend has incurred some tough tests recently for a totally different reason that Plato could not even dream of. As my own evaluation, the range of education cannot be just narrowed within those related to their future careers. What comes into my mind is that these children are not born for a sole purpose of being a worker or something. Predetermining their future career is just as a moon in the water and will also subject to great varieties of unknown possibilities coming directly in their future life. They are ,however, and firstly , a son or daughter and then a citizen ,then a holder to certain careers. Therefore ,we can figure out a truth that cannot be truer: those intellectual equipments that can better them as a good child and citizen alike should also be included in their both primary ,secondary and even tertiary education. Closely next to my previous thought was that a solely-career-related education may mislead their own purpose of life. Surely a decent income is of great significance ,but it is far from the sole importance of life. If those youngsters are educated entirely for earning and enjoying their material life ,our society may gradually turn to one that overwhelmed with nothing but the torrent of materialism and thus a world with nothing but just trading of Mammon and his wealth. This impact is even worse than just narrowing one’s education scope. Therefore ,I hereby object to limiting the sphere of education only to the children’s future careers but they should first of all become a complete human before making a prospective wealth with full range of knowledge.

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Most books on essay writing will supply you with a number of model essays—collect some of these as they are great teachers! No matter what the topic is, you will see similarities between your writing tasks and these model essays. This is because many features of writing are common across subject areas. In some subjects (e.g. Law, Economics, Psychology and others), it is very useful to find subject-specific essay models as you can use these to work out the 'peculiarities' of writing for that subject area.