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6. When we know more about ourselves as writers and learn about writing, we become better lawyers, more adept and willing to engage in the writing tasks demanded of us as lawyers. While highly skilled writers may find legal forms of writing and reasoning to be confining, they are less likely to flounder in their writing efforts than those who have no sense of themselves as writers, or who view every writing task with dread.

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Sixth-grade Battles students Esther Jimenez and Salvador Pedraza said they both had read many of the authors' books in their free time, and were very happy to meet the authors and learn more about the writing process.

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On the road to becoming readers and writers, young children need many opportunities to hear and understand spoken language. This helps them become aware of the different sounds of language. They also need to learn about print—letters and words seen in books and all around them at home and in their community. Young children need writing to help them learn about reading, and reading to help them learn about writing. However, they need to talk and listen before learning about both!

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7. We might decide to learn about writing and ourselves as writers for reasons totally unrelated to the fact that lawyers are expected to write and to write competently (if not well). Lawyers are persons and writers before they are lawyers. By attending to what comes first, we may be better at what comes later.To learn more about The Writing Wing, feel free to explore our Website or to stop by and see us, either for an appointment or just to say hi and to check out our digs in the Baugher Student Center, second floor, in Learning ServicesBottom line: Lawyers who fail to see themselves as writers, or experience the pleasure of writing, simply assume that writing is an instrumental task best done and forgotten as quickly as possible. My goal in working with law students is simple: write more, write better, learn something about writing as a craft, and learn something about yourself as a writer. Learn something about the baggage you carry with you as a writer. Write more, write better, write fearlessly, do it with pleasure and when it is not, try to understand the pain.I think everyone is talented and capable of writing well in a unique fashion. The way that writers distinguish themselves is by finding passion in their work. They find writing like any other job or task. If you want to be a good writer and want to learn about writing, then you should hold yourself accountable for this job it has to become a priority in your life.
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Let's be clear about one thing: I'm NOT proposing to replace in-person writing instruction with automated YouTube videos. Don't put me in that MOOC camp. But I do wonder about better ways to educate our students. How do they learn about the writing process from resources outside of our classrooms? When searching for guidance with drafting and revising college-level essays, do they turn to YouTube videos? I occasionally Google my way to this enormously popular site when I need help with tasks such as installing a car stereo or following a sequence of steps for new software. YouTube has successfully taught me on many several occasions when textual instructions failed. As an educator, I'm curious to know what students discover about the writing process from web-based multimedia. Furthermore, what can readers of MediaCommons teach me, a non-specialist in this field, about how to interpret these intriguing examples of video culture?

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Get the Scoop on Summer Youth Camps Thursday, April 7, 2016 6:30-8:30 Penn State Lehigh Valley Campus Enjoy a scoop of Berkey Creamery ice cream and learn about writing and STEAM-related camps from our camp instructors.

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At the writing center, our focus is helping you become a better writer. Because of that, we do not proofread or edit students' papers. Instead, we will work with you to help you learn about writing, discover areas in which your writing can improve, and learn about how to resolve issues in your writing.