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Our book promotion “campaigns” are unique. For one thing, they emphasize your business more than book sales. For another, they in some ways never end. A business book needs to promote your expertise, skill set, business value, and unique selling proposition. That means traditional tactics aimed only at selling copies of your book such as book signings at bookstores and independent book reviews are of lesser import.

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Two important and independent book reviews of , both representing a generation younger than the author, have recently issued and are surprisingly insightful.

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The Truth About Books is an independent book review website that provides professional, honest book reviews, author interviews, regular competitions and much more!

Specialty Book Services include language translation services, independent book reviews & critiques and more.
– independent book reviews.

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isa non-commercial online journal which provides an honest space for independent book reviews and author interviews.

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The Independent Comic Book Review is your one-stop shopping for all things Indie Comics

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