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Given that I didn’t spend 40-50 hours a week on homework, do I feel any less prepared for college? No, not really. I feel like I learned a lot from the experiences I had in high school, both through homework and extracurricular activities. So, while 40-50 hours a week of homework maybe doable for some students and do provide benefits, I don’t believe that it is absolutely necessary for the average high school student to be successful in college. Sure, it might help prepare some students, it’s not a requirement in order to be a strong college student.

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Much too much homework does not mean better teaching nor does it mean better learning.

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You have probably heard your mom or dad say these words. It might seem like all the good stuff has to wait until your homework is done. There's a good reason why adults make a big deal out of homework. Homework helps you learn. And getting a good education can help you build the kind of future life that you want. So homework is important, but how can you get it done?"With only rare exception, the relationship between the amount of homework students do and their achievement outcomes was found to be positive and statistically significant," the researchers report in a paper that appears in the spring 2006 edition of "Review of Educational Research."Duke University researchers have reviewed more than 60 research studies on homework between 1987 and 2003 and concluded that homework does have a positive effect on student achievement.These places may have worked when you were younger and your assignments didn't require as much skill and concentration. But now that you're older, a bedroom, study, or any other room where you can get away from noise and distractions is the best place to get homework done. But don't study on your comfy bed — opt for a desk or table that you can set your computer on and is comfortable to work at. It doesn't need to be large, just big enough to spread out your stuff.
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And keep about the problems you're having — tell your parents, teachers, counselors, and others. That way, they'll see that you are trying to get your homework done. And when it is done, make sure you find time to do something fun!

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Do you get homework from your school? How much homework do you do each week? Does anybody help you with your homework? Do you like doing homework?

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That’s not to say that they think students shouldn’t do homework. All of the teachers noted the importance and necessity of homework - it teaches students time management and helps them learn the various subjects. And, homework doesn’t just have to be reading or practice problems - it also includes studying and reviewing material for tests (especially for the AP exams). Learning to balance classes, homework, extracurricular activities, social life, and family time teaches a valuable lesson in time management. But, at the end of the day, all of them shared the concern that high school students should remember to take care of themselves and getting enough sleep and rest.