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INVOLVES: Producing manuals & literature in paper or electronic form, for products from cars to computer software. Writing documents in a lucid style so that users can easily understand them. Arranging for translation into other languages. Liaising with printers. Indexing & cataloguing.
EMPLOYERS: manufacturing companies, computer companies, technical publishers.
RELATED JOBS: medical writer, editorial assistant: publishing, journalist, information scientist, IT trainer, applications programmer.
SATISFACTIONS: Providing a finished product on a regular basis.. Combining writing with science/ technology. Translating technical jargon into clear unambiguous language. Very varied and interesting work. Learning new things every day. Creativity (interaction with graphic designers etc.) Good chance to work freelance/part-time/work from home once experienced.
NEGATIVES: Promotion prospects are limited. Lowish salaries. May be working on your own.
ADVANCEMENT: Limited promotion but may move into related jobs or go freelance.
DEGREE: Any degree subject is possible but a science/engineering /IT degree combined with good English is ideal. Several postgraduate courses are available but not essential for entry.
TIPS: Get writing experience in student journalism or other settings. Send speculative CVs to technical publishers. Visit a technical author to see what they do. Foreign language skills increasingly in demand.

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Volunteering is a fantastic idea to get writing experience

TIPS: Get writing experience in student journalism or other settings

Hi Claudia! Volunteering is a fantastic idea to get writing experience! Check out local nonprofits in your area. They may need help promoting events, writing promotional materials, etc. Also, if you have some writing that you are particularly proud of, try entering it to a smaller magazine, or asking if they have any freelance work. Good luck and let me know what you think!

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Let's say you fancy being a journalist. A qualified journo would expect you to be enthusiastic, always on the look out for new ideas and doing everything you can to get writing experience. Start carrying a notebook to write down ideas for stories, read the work of writers you admire, follow relevant Twitter accounts ( is mega-useful for media jobs), then start a blog and apply for tons of work experience placements and internships.

And get writing experience any way you can
Although she maintains a heavy load of courses and works full time, Kerr decided she also wanted to get writing experience and took on an internship with the NIEHS monthly newsletter in the fall of 2010. She followed a lead from her mentor, NCCU organic chemistry professor John Myers, Ph.D. Over the past year, Kerr has contributed an article or two each month to the Environmental Factor.What is in this for you?
-get writing experience and credits
-participate in the emergence of sex journalism as a specialty beat
-work with a creative team of sex-positive writers
-meet (and sometimes interview) edge-pushing sexual personalities
-attend interesting sexuality events
-our city editor position can include an internship program for college credit

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If you want to get writing experience apart from essays, we've got you covered

There are tons of ways to get writing experience

Plus, articles are a great way to get writing experience and bring in more clients. It’s also a great way to . And, as you write for other blogs and get opportunities to include backlinks, you’re going to gain traffic to your own website.

However you get writing experience with each paper that you have written

There are lots of ways to get writing experience

Writing experience is gained by deciding what kind of writing is of interest and seeking out related writing groups. Get writing experience with tips from a produced playwright in this free video on writing skills.

Expert: Laura Turner
Bio: Laura Turner received her B.A. in English from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., graduating magna cum laude with honors. Her plays have been seen and heard from Alaska to Tennessee.
Filmmaker: Todd Green

supposed to get writing experience, and so, I do all I can to maximize writing opportunities

Need Writing Experience? How to Get Clips and Get Published

If you look at the big picture, there are other factors that can help you. For example, if you are now a senior, shoot for getting stellar grades during your final year to offset your LSAT score. It may mean that you wait another year to apply to law school, but it may be worth it. An upwards trend in your GPA with a strong finish certainly looks good. Good grades in classes that relate to law school in subjects that are analytical in nature or where you can get writing experience can also reflect well. Often admissions officers are more familiar that you might think with the different courses and majors at different colleges and they value courses that will give you analytical and writing skills, which are skills you will need once you are in law school.