How to Get Book Reviews (short, non-free way)

Dana, it’s never too late to get book reviews. I’ve got someone on my team working with an author right now to generate reviews on a book that came out two years ago — and they’re coming in! What, specifically, are you referring to with the several hundred dollar fees, though?

9. Get Book Reviews from Individuals

Writing a book is hard enough. Getting book reviews can drive an author to distraction.

11. Get Book Reviews from eZines and Magazines

"I was grateful for all the practical information you included in How to Get Your Book Reviewed. There are so many ebooks out there that seem like they are just thrown together. It's always a treat to come across one that has real's like eating a nice juicy hamburger instead of a rice much more satisfying. Thanks for giving me something I can really sink my teeth into."

— Dana da Ponte, co-author of Dismissed

Funnily enough, the book is titled "Get Book Reviews Today."

"This is a hands-on, excellent guidebook for getting your book reviewed. I devoured it, and post-it-noted it and intend to use the heck out of it. I'm always for a book that nails a point and avoids the fluff. This is my kind of read."

You probably don’t need convincing on the importance of getting ebook reviews.
Work with your publisher. Some publishers will workwith authors to help them get book reviews, depending on thecompany's size and promotional budget. Some will also have a listof contacts who have already reviewed their titles already. Find out how many review copies your publisher is willing toprovide, and whether they will do the mailing for you (saving youmuch time and expense)."The potential that reviews have to boost an author from obscurity into the stratosphere are mind-boggling. How to Get Your Book Reviewed is the definitive guide for any writer who wants to get their book noticed. I highly recommend this book!" (Read the full review .)In the final chapter of How to Get Your Book Reviewed, you'll learn the best ways to use book reviews to reach and influence book buyers."While other resources will give you a few tips on how to secure book reviews, if you are serious about creating a marketing plan, then Dana Lynn Smith's book, How to Get Your Book Reviewed is one you'll want in your book marketing arsenal.""As a result of my reading this book, I feel confident to venture into the marketplace with my debut novel. What once was a mysterious process now makes perfect sense. Dana Lynn Smith knows just how to speak the author's language by appealing to our longing for long-term writing success. How To Get Your Book Reviewed is the On Writing of obtaining and implementing quality book reviews.""Getting book reviews is a strategy any author can use, and Dana’s book will show you how. It’s a dig-to-bedrock compendium of information on getting book reviews and related topics. As such, it’s a valuable addition to any author’s bookshelf."
Despair not, my friend because in this guide on how to get book reviews, I’ll show you.

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Look for organizations in your field that send large-volume emails. Try to get your book reviewed in their email or newsletter. When the number of people receiving the emails is 100,000 or more it's sometimes referred to as an email blast.

Here are a few websites for getting your book reviewed (there are many others out there):

How to Get Your Book Reviewed | Molly Greene: Writer

There is one purpose only with "Get Book Reviews Today!", and that is to teach you how to get reviews. You're not going to read a lot about book covers, copywriting or other publishing related stuff. Only the main topic here: how to get reviews.

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We know it’s not easy to get book reviews but we have a solution for you. We are giving you an opportunity to get your book reviewed by independent bloggers! So…Populate the internet, get good SEO, and let people know about your book.