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But this is what you wanted, right? You lots of freelance writing work; you to be busy. The trouble is, now you can’t cope with the workload – a workload that probably isn’t even covering half your bills.

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5 Surefire Tips for Improving Your Pitches and Getting More Freelance Writing Work [Blog Post]

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Informative post and I am sure that freelance writers will really appreciate this. Thanks for sharing and I will be sure to pass this onto my colleagues that are looking for freelance writing work.

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If you’re interested in pursuing offline freelance writing work, I highly recommend the “Well Fed Writer” series by Peter Bowerman. His books have tons of great information about building a portfolio, finding clients and managing multiple writing contracts, and can usually be found for free at your local library.

I’m sure that if one can try all the awesome tips you mentioned here, he will simplify his freelance writing work day.
Because of the quality standards offered by our company, we are highly-favored among the customers; therefore, we regularly receive orders from our clients. Due to this reason, we provide sufficient amount of freelance writing work for our writers on daily basis.Useful tips on finding freelance writing work in Facebook Groups. The groups are very active where the focus is on sharing useful information. Many groups are dedicated to sharing places to find work.Not only can you access freelance writing work via oDesk, but any type of work you can think of, such as web design, programming, app creating, virtual assistant roles, etc, etc.There’s no two ways about it – if you want this life you have to work damn hard at it. In the beginning you’re constantly on the look out for freelance writing work of nature – and I mean anything – that will pay the bills, build your portfolio and perhaps lead to more interesting, better paid work somewhere down the line.It started a while ago and I’ve noticed it’s been happening much more lately. I’ve also noticed that the more it happens the more productive I am and the more money I make from my freelance writing work.Once you’ve worked out your hourly rate (or set rate per word if you’re more comfortable with this) don’t take on any more freelance writing work for anything less. You heard:
What? Turn down freelance writing work? I thought you were here to tell me how to get more freelance writing work?

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The bottom line is, all of these are freelance writing gigs you could easily provide to local business owners. And, it would be ongoing freelance writing work – the best kind.

What strategies have you used to land more freelance writing work? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Heritage Sandy Springs is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to build community by preserving and promoting the historic and cultural identity of Sandy Springs. The Freelance Writer will work closely with the Heritage Sandy Springs Oral History Collection, Library, and Archives to produce historical articles for the Sandy Springs Gazette ...

The good news is that nobody appoints you a freelance writer; if you get freelance writing work, you’re in the “club”.

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Writers, trying to solve their freelance writing business problems, complain that they don’t get any response to their applications for freelance article writing work jobs.