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I recall a casual meeting Tom and I had regarding what it means to be good.
Human Rights advocates are universally accepted as doing ‘the good work’, and for animal lovers like us there’s no doubt Animal Welfare projects would be included, but some of the ones we decided to showcase are worthy in a broader sense, a bit more abstract, and although they do not feed a hungry mouth or help a flood victim get back on their feet, they’re philosophical in nature, making us step out of a celebrity-focused culture and be embraced by great thinkers and their essays on the meaning of life and its wholesome rewards.

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For her AP Literature class, Julie chose to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace, a hulking Russian novel filled with essays on the meaning of life as well as extensive battle descriptions, partly because she is interested, but also because it helps her to craft the world.

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The shared exclusion of and by "the world" that attracts both young and old to the landscape of pastoral often brings them together into a tender relationship of mutual guardianship- a relationship that appears as a distinct bucolic motif from Vergil's to Blakes But just as often, when young and old meet in bucolic poetry, they find themselves in conflict rather than harmony. The debates of youth and age scattered throughout medieval and Renaissance eclogues provide an occasion for writers to articulate the attitudes and ideals of old age by contrast to those of youth and serve as exploratory essays on the meaning of life outside the limits of conventional society. But whether or not they appear in actual debates, all pastoral figures tend to feel emotions, espouse ideals, adopt styles and praise weather appropriate to one or the other-either youth or age.

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