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Despite overwhelming statistics reinforcing the idea of reducing illegal immigration into the US, some individuals believe illegal immigration is a positive aspect of the country. One claim these individuals make is that as long as "working conditions [are] decent and [the US] still needs more workers" (Dudley 38), illegal immigrants should be welcomed into the country. What these individuals fail to recognize is that there is a legal way to immigrate to this country and proceeding to ignore legality and enter illegally only creates more problems, especially economically. Another position in favor of illegal immigration takes the form of supporting amnesty for all illegal immigrants since the nation is founded by immigrants. These proponents believe that those who are here illegally, but are "living stable, hard-working lives under difficult circumstances" (Dudley 38) should be rewarded. Again, not all facts are being considered. In 1986, Congress granted amnesty to 6 million illegal immigrants, hoping it would solve the problems caused by their population in the US. This decision by Congress only encouraged illegal immigration, which is evident in the growing number of illegal immigrants crossing the border into the US every year. It is also argued that amnesty would not send a positive message