b) Manipulative or argumentative essays on controversial issues

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Disclosing a topic in a controversial issues essay is impossible without solid background. First, it helps you get a general impression on a topic. Second, it is the best way to get authoritative viewpoints on a problem.

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Evaluating sources of information is essential for writing credible and convincing essays on controversial issues. It means that all your materials should be reliable. Good sources for essay on controversial issues are:

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articles are editorials, subjective essays on controversial issues

You know, controversy is all around us. People have different standpoints on one and the same issue. Still, nobody can say for sure where the truth is hidden. This is the main problem of discussing controversial issues. Therefore, this is going to be your major problem in the process of writing papers on controversial issues.

We would like to introduce you an effective but easy plan for writing controversial issues essays.

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Like any other essay, an essay on controversial issues starts with choosing a topic. You cannot choose whatever you like for this kind of paper. You need to find hot buttons of the present days! Actually, it is not hard to do. There are tons of burning issues that can be covered in controversial essays.

Possible controversial topics for essays:

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Are you not that good at writing essays on controversial issues? Do you think that papers on controversial issues are hard to complete? Then let us explain you several things about this assignment because you will face it quite often, and it is more interesting to complete than you think.
A controversial issue essay – what is it all about?

Actually, writing a controversial issue essay boils down to writing an . This is one of the most useful types of essays that you might face since it helps to gain very important skills – to convince people of your standpoint.

Controversial topics for essays – what can serve as a good topic?

Any burning issue that people have different opinions and positions on will serve as a controversial topic for an argumentative essay. The only problem that you will face is that all those controversial topics are overused, which might turn your controversial issue essay into a boring paper. So, if possible, try to come up with something more interesting than an abortion essay, a paper on gay marriage, euthanasia, death penalty, and so on.

The main rules of writing controversial issues essays

There are two the most important rules you should keep in mind.

Rule #1
Choose your own position on the problem you are going to discuss. It should be either a definite for or against position.

Rule #2
Always conduct research before you start writing controversial issues essays. We know that many students cringe when they hear this word. However, without research:

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Rhetoric is the art of discourse as it attempts to inform or persuade particular audiences. In this course, students will build upon the argumentation learned in Introduction to Rhetoric to write persuasive essays on controversial issues, some positions they choose themselves and others assigned to them, as well as learn to defend those positions (and critique their classmates' positions with persuasive rebuttals). Students will also continue to incorporate research and proper documentation in their positions. This course will provide a foundation for students intending to progress to Speech and Debate.

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"Vintage Merton Miller: zesty writing and forcefully communicatedideas, not only on derivatives, but on a wide range of topics infinancial markets. This is no ponderous academic tome, but rather aseries of entertaining, yet devastatingly analytical essays oncontroversial issues in finance. Great reading and great analysis."-Hans R. Stoll Walker Professor of Finance and Director of theFinancial Markets Research Center, Vanderbilt University.

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